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‘This Is Us’ Recap: Sophie’s Return Seems More Likely as Kevin and Madison Grow Further Apart

This Is Us Recap Sophie’s Return Becomes More Likely as Kevin and Madison Grow Further Apart
Alexandra Brekenridge as Sophie and Justin Hartley as Kevin in Episode 412 of 'This is Us.'Ron Batzdorff/NBC

His past and future wife? Sophie’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) presence was felt throughout the Tuesday, February 22, episode of This Is Us, hinting that she could reunite with her ex-husband, Kevin (Justin Hartley), during the final season.

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“Our Little Island Girl: Part Two” saw young married couple Kevin (Logan Shroyer) and Sophie (Amanda Leighton) visiting Rebecca (Mandy Moore) for Thanksgiving. Kate (Hannah Zeile) noticed that Kevin was acting strange, so he confessed to his sister that he cheated on Sophie with a girl in his acting class. He asked Kate to keep the secret from Sophie because it only happened once and he felt terrible.

This Is Us Recap Sophie’s Return Becomes More Likely as Kevin and Madison Grow Further Apart
Logan Shroyer and Amanda Leighton on ‘This Is Us.’ Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Kate agreed to take her twin’s side, but everything fell apart when Sophie confronted Kevin and not only learned that he was unfaithful but also that Kate hid it from her. Sophie stormed out but not before expressing her anger toward Kate, who was supposed to be her friend.

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In the present, Kevin lashed out at Madison (Caitilin Thompson) after she informed him that she wanted her and the kids to spend Thanksgiving with her boyfriend, Elijah (Adam Korson), instead of with the Pearsons. Kate (Chrissy Metz) backed Madison and put Kevin in his place for always expecting her unwavering support. She also pointed out that Kevin living with her and Toby (Chris Sullivan) was not helping their marital problems. (Toby continued to let work take over his life as Kate remarked that they had much bigger issues than Kevin crashing at their house.)

Kate ultimately texted Sophie to apologize for choosing Kevin over her in the past, and Sophie promptly responded, assuring her that she understood her reasoning. Meanwhile, Kevin made amends with Madison, and Elijah insisted to Kevin that he was not going anywhere.

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Elsewhere in the episode, Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) struggled with the expectations placed on her as a student recruiter at the City Ballet of Philadelphia. She gave scholarships to young people who lacked opportunities and found a way to support them as they adjusted to the demands of the program. After helping a student who fell during a recital, Beth called her previous dance teacher to tell him how his abandonment of her when she was a struggling young student impacted her, vowing to not do the same to her mentees. In the future, Beth marveled over all of the students she helped succeed, including the young woman that she encouraged to finish her routine after falling.

The sparks between Rebecca and Miguel (Jon Huertas) were also apparent in flashbacks as he got jealous of her relationship with new beau Matt (Matt Corboy). Miguel eventually apologized for making digs at Matt and noted that he had rekindled his romance with a woman named Marguerite. Rebecca, for her part, told Miguel that he was her best friend.

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