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Florence Pugh Recalls the Time Meryl Streep Ordered Wendy’s to the ‘Little Women’ Set

Meryl Streep and Florence PughEric Charbonneau/Shutterstock

Stars, they’re just like Us! Meryl Streep apparently has quite the appetite for Wendy’s fries, according to her Little Women costar Florence Pugh.

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During a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Pugh recalled the time when the three-time Academy Award winner ordered fries to the set of the acclaimed Greta Gerwig-directed remake.

“We were basically shooting this scene in a Boston park and it was a scene that was set in Paris and we were in this carriage and we were both wearing these massive hoop skirts,” the Midsommar star, 23, said on Tuesday, December 10. “Because you obviously have to reset the horse, it takes a while. You’re in these carriages for a while. We were wearing these beautiful coats, like, dripping with jewels. You know, the usual. I remember it was cold and she was like, ‘I would just kill for some fries right now.’”

Meryl Streep and Florence Pugh Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock

The English actress said that one of the film’s production assistant’s appeared “within seconds” with an order of fries for the 70-year-old Big Little Lies actress. “[He] was out of breath,” Pugh said, showing her impression of the crew member. “They had grabbed Wendy’s fries in about 10 minutes.”

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Stephen Colbert joked that one has “made it in show business” when they have their own “fry wrangler on hand.”

Earlier in the interview, Pugh said that she didn’t find Streep to be “intimidating at all,” despite the decorated star often being regarded as an industry heavyweight. “I wouldn’t say I was scared of her, but she is, like, a legendary woman,” the Lady Macbeth star explained.

Florence Pugh CBS

“She is someone that all of us know and have watched every single ounce of her work,” she continued. “You can’t help but just stare at her face when you’re supposed to be acting.”

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Though Streep is undoubtedly a megastar, the Kramer v. Kramer actress aims to lead a relatively normal life off screen. She and her husband, Don Gummer, lived with their son Henry, 40, and daughters Mamie, 36, Grace, 33, and Louisa, 28, in Connecticut.

“It was my oasis,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald in June. “I had so much pleasure in watching over my children, being as much of a confidante as possible, and enjoying everything that came with helping them grow into independent young people.”

Streep and Pugh’s new film, Little Women, also stars Saoirse Ronan, Timothée Chalamet, Emma Watson, Eliza Scanlen and Laura Dern. The movie hits theaters on Wednesday, December 25.

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