Georgia Football Coach Has Unusual Reward for Members of His Team Who Make Pancake Blocks

Maple Syrup shot
Maple Syrup shot Armstrong Studios/Getty Images

A football coach in Georgia has come up with an apropos way of rewarding his team for making pancake blocks: maple syrup shots!

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Darrian Carmicheal, who is an offensive line coach at Jonesboro High School, has recently become internet famous for delivering actual shots of the sweet topping to his players when they make pancake blocks – a maneuver that leaves a defensive player flat on his back as the running back goes through the hole.

According to USA Today High School Sports, Carmicheal first began carrying around a bottle of syrup while he worked as an assistant coach in Dekalb County last year, and the practice was such a hit that he resurrected it for the 2018 season in Jonesboro. Now he’s decided to kick it up a notch by actually doling out shots of syrup (Aunt Jemima, of course) straight from the bottle when players make monster blocks and score touchdowns.

“It was not until pregame (of the season opener),” Carmicheal told the publication of his unique motivator. “I said, ‘You know what fellas? We getting syrup shots when we come off the field for pancakes and for touchdowns!’ And it has been a hit ever since.”

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Though the syrup shots aren’t as healthy as say, a swig of water or an electrolyte-boosting sports drink, the sugar in the syrup actually is beneficial in helping athlete’s muscles recover. For Carmicheal, the playful shots also act as an incentive for linemen to deliver the most impactful plays.

“I believe (in) this day and age, when coaching kids, you have to have something extra for them to look for or an incentive to make them go harder,” he says. “You should see my boys’ eyes ready to run to the sideline! If you have played football before or offensive line, you know we do not get all the praise and accolades when we do most of the work. This is just something to make them proud and feel appreciated because no one gets the shot but them.”

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Adds Carmicheal: “It makes me happy knowing that they are doing their assignment and having fun doing it!”

Tell Us: Do you think maple syrup shots are good or gross?

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