Beth Stolarczyk Hoped to Work Through ‘Unresolved Issues’ on ‘Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles’

A reunion nearly 20 years in the making. Ahead of The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles premiere, Beth Stolarczyk opened up about reuniting with her cast in the same iconic Venice Beach house that the group lived in in 1993.

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“I was not hesitant at all [about reuniting]. I wanted this because I really feel like there were a lot of unresolved issues. We were young. We didn’t know how to communicate properly. So, it’s just like, ‘God, I wish I could have like a do-over.’ How many times in life do you get to have [that]? How many times do you get to have a do-over? This is just with such a unique opportunity and so special,” Beth, 52, said on Us Weekly’s “Watch With Us” podcast. “Now that we’ve all lived some life, hopefully, we can come back and we can talk about these unresolved issues. We can learn about each other [and] rediscover each other.”

Beth Stolarczyk on Real World Homecoming Los Angeles
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Beth will reunite with former roommates Beth Anthony, David Edwards, Glen Naessens, Irene Berrera-Kearns, Jon Brennan and Tami Roman for season 2 of the new series. While she remained close with some of the original cast, that wasn’t the case for everyone.

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“Look, I mean, Glen and I didn’t have the best relationship. So, I was a little nervous about seeing him again,” the Ohio native admitted. “I mean, obviously I am, like, a huge trigger for some people. I wish I could understand why, but I seem to trigger people. On The Real World, I seemed to trigger Glen and I’m worried that I might be triggering David as well. I’m expecting kind of a bumpy ride, but I’ve got my big girl pants on and I think I’m going to be able to handle it. I’m a tough girl. Going in, I want to resolve things and I really hope that we can have a good time together. I want to get along with everybody.”

When the Challenge alum entered the original show, she was only 24 — and a lot has changed since then in her life, as she now is a mother and a business owner.

“I would like to think that I have improved,” Beth told Us. “You’re learning lessons every day. … I did the best that I could with what I had to work with. There’s a lot of good times, there’s some bad times. It’s a roller-coaster ride.”

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For more from Beth, listen to the full episode above and subscribe to the “Watch What Happens” podcast.

The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles premieres on Paramount+ on Wednesday, November 24.

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