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The Best Bath Bombs for Making Your Night More Relaxing

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When you imagine ‘self care,’ what do you picture? Facials with cucumbers over the eyes?  Hair wrapped up in a towel? How about a bathtub filled with bubbles and colors?

Bath bombs are gumball-looking products that fizz out therapeutic ingredients like essential oils, moisturizers, and calming salts. These elements blend when added to bath water. They turn your bath into a pool full of colors and bubbles that can drown your worries.

Today, we’ll be taking you through all there is to know about bath bombs and provide tips on how to pick the best one for you! We’re also sharing the most popular options on Amazon.

Comparing the Top Bath Bombs of 2022

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs – Best Overall

bath bomb reviews
Do you want to be surrounded by beautiful scents when you are taking your bath? If so, the LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs are the perfect set for you. These bath bombs not only have a phenomenal scent, but they are also ultra-moisturizing. These compact fizzing bombs are great for dry to normal skin types.

These products are made out of all-natural ingredients that will absolutely transform your nightly bath routine. From scents such as lavender to coconut, there is something for everyone in this set of a dozen. Due to the luxurious ingredients and enticing aroma, these bath bombs have earned the number one spot on our list.

  • All-natural, moisturizing formula
  • Have a pleasant aroma
  • Reasonably priced set 
  • Some dark colors might stain the tub

INTEYE Bath Bombs – Runner-up

bath bomb reviews
The INTEYE Bath Bomb set is absolutely massive, including two dozen large pieces. Not only are you getting a lot for the price, but these don’t skimp on quality either. This product is made from a blend of moisturizing organic ingredients that are full of antioxidants.

These bath bombs have six unique scents, each composed of different ingredients and essential oils. You can use these bath bombs to brighten your skin tone and help moisturize scars. They are sure to provide you with a relaxing experience after a stress-filled day. Plus, the formula offers a bubbling and floating effect in the tub without leaving any stains. 

  • Free of toxic elements
  • Helps brighten skin tone
  • Does not stain the tub
  • Is not very fizzy

BELLISSO Bath Bombs – Most Relaxing

bath bomb reviews
The BELLISSO Bath Bombs are packed full of relaxing aromatherapy features. There are long-lasting calming features that are aimed at helping you find your happy place. Even better, these are pretty substantial in size so they will provide you with long-lasting relief. However, that does mean that these bath bombs do diffuse more slowly than other products.

These bath bombs are a product of vegan composition and organic ingredients. The main ingredients that encourage the healing of dead skin cells are sea salt, shea butter, cocoa butter, sunflower oils, and vitamin E among others. Not only do they work on rejuvenating your skin but also even out the skin tone and provide a natural glow on your body.

  • Vegan-friendly bath bombs 
  • Include high-quality essential oils
  • Has a long-lasting effect
  • Long dissolving time

Aofmee Bath Bombs – Most Moisturizing

bath bomb reviews
Aofmee Bath Bombs are the best option for dry and tired skin that needs some extra attention. Each of these has cocoa and shea butter included within them, along with other cruelty-free ingredients that will leave your skin feeling supple and smooth. Better yet, these ingredients are all completely vegan. 

These bath bombs dissolve in water in a flash and won’t leave any residue behind on your tub. They are so moisturizing and nourishing that you will feel like slipping into pure silk when using them. These scents are the best thing about them, coming with unique scents such as Lemongrass, Sweet Orange and Victorian Rose. 

  • Cruelty-free and safe ingredients 
  • Multiple scents and colors  
  • Don’t leave any residue 
  • No fizzing effect

Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs – Honorable Mention

bath bomb reviews
Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs have made our list due to their superb ingredient list, which is completely cruelty and paraben free! Epsom salts and kaolin clay are just a few of the natural ingredients included in this product. Not only do you get quality, but there are also a dozen extra large bath bombs included in this set. 

You are promised a spa-like experience with these luxury bath bombs that offer endless hours of aromatherapy. They have long-lasting perfuming and calming effects due to their larger size. No matter what your age is, their skin-moisturizing ingredients will make your skin feel soft, smooth, and radiant. You can pick your favorite color combination and fragrance from plenty of options to see how these gorgeous bath bombs dissolve in lukewarm water.  

  • Top-quality essential oils 
  • Provide a natural glow to your skin
  • Large size for longer effect
  • Extremely strong aroma


The Ultimate Buying Guide for Finding the Perfect Bath Bomb


When looking for a new bath bomb—whether it’s your first time or you want to try something new, you should consider its ingredients, primarily. Look for hydrating and nourishing ingredients like Epsom salt, baking soda, shea butter, jojoba, and sea salt. Any blend of vitamins or minerals should also be kept an eye out for.

While you’re browsing through the ingredient list, make sure that it doesn’t contain anything that might cause an allergic reaction. If you have sensitive skin, consider consulting your physician regarding the ingredients before purchasing.


Along with nourishing properties, your bath bomb’s ingredients will also determine its scent. While calming scents are great for late-night baths before you tuck yourself in, consider investing in refreshing scents if you’d like to try bath bombing in the morning before work. We recommend citrus scents for morning baths. Once again, if you have sensitive nostrils, you should buy ones that have a mild fragrance or none at all.


The general rule of thumb is that bigger bath bombs will last longer. So, if you usually take long baths, consider large or extra-large bath bombs.


Last but not least, you should also consider the overall packaging of your bath bombs, especially if you’re looking to gift them to someone. Nobody wants to receive a gift that is poorly wrapped.

Why not try packaging that has an attractive colorful box, or a glamorous bow that ties everything together?

People Also Asked

Q: How can I use a bath bomb?

A: Using a bath bomb is simple. First, you draw yourself a bath. While people prefer them in the evening before bed, bath bombs can be used any time of day. While you’re at it, place a scented candle or two around the tub to create a therapeutic ambiance.

Once the water temperature is to your liking, throw in a bath bomb. We recommend creating an Instagram boomerang right around this time as the bath bomb unfurls into a rainbow of color, oils, and moisturizers. Some bath bombs may even create bubbles in the process.

Now, sit inside the tub and relax in the calming haven you’ve just created for yourself. Scrub yourself with the soapy water or simply lie down and take deep breaths. Once done, take a shower to clean yourself of excess oils. 

Q: Are bath bombs worth buying?

A: A bath bomb holds many therapeutic and moisturizing benefits. Simply lying down in a tub full of ‘bath bombed’ water can offer moisturizing and stress-relieving benefits. Bath bombs are also a great way to keep your kids busy with colors and bubbles.

Note: These products may irritate sensitive skin, especially those with strong scents. So, if you diagnose itchy skin or redness after a bath bomb, consider switching things up or avoiding it altogether. You can even try to opt for unscented options. Bath bombs can also sometimes stain your tub or your own skin which can cause a bit of a hassle.

Q: Will bath bombs stain my bathtub?

A: Bath bombs do have the possibility to stain your bathtub, especially if they are formulated out of unnatural harsh ingredients. To prevent this staining, you will want to purchase bath bombs that are made out of natural ingredients. As an added precaution, it is recommended that you wash out your bathtub as soon as you are done.


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