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Glimmr’s Superfood Hair Mask Repairs Years of Damage and Neglect


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Are you giving your hair the love and care it deserves?

C’mon now, be honest. We’re all guilty of putting our hair through the wringer every now and then.

After years of coloring without proper care, it can be easy to ignore how damaged our hair has really become. Gone is that natural gloss we had as a teen, replaced by dull, broken strands that just don’t seem to grow.

We love investing in our skin care routine, doing our evening gua sha, and putting on our weekly face masks — why don’t we give that same TLC to our hair?

Enter, Glimmr: a hair mask that has the internet obsessed.

If your hair is dull, brittle, and has lost its natural silky shine, this ten-minute hair mask is here to save your hair — and help it grow, too. Keep reading to get the scoop on what sets this mask apart and what it can do to revive your hair.

If you’re already excited about what this awesome mask can do for you, visit the Glimmr website today!

What Makes Glimmr’s Hair Mask So Unique?

Allow us to introduce you to the best hair mask on the market.

While most hair masks will claim to provide a long list of benefits, not all of them work in the same ways. (And honestly, not all of them work at all — trust us, we’ve tried our fair share.)

Glimmr is committed to using natural ingredients to restore hair health to dull, broken hair and help your hair grow. Compare that to most of the on-shelf options at your local drug store, and you’ll see why Glimmr is so unique.

Our hair is an extension of our bodies, and it responds to the treatments we give it. If we feed it harsh chemicals, soon enough, our hair will start to show it. When we feed our hair nourishing, vitamin-infused products, that’s when our hair begins to really thrive.

Promotes Hair Growth

Any hair mask can claim to make hair smoother, but how many have actually proven that they help hair’s appearance while encouraging new, thicker hair growth?

For people with color-treated hair or extremely dry curls, growing your hair can feel impossible. At a certain point, it almost feels like our hair follicles have just given up. Don’t worry babes — Glimmr can help.

The mask’s castor oil, fig extract, and guava leaf extract are all targeted ingredients focused on helping new, strong hair to come through.

Castor oil increases circulation to the scalp, which helps promote hair growth. Fig extract contains a number of minerals and amino acids which help nourish your hair follicles. Guava leaf extract is packed with vitamins, clinically shown to increase collagen activity, repairing and strengthening your scalp.

Remember: If you want gorgeous hair, you have to start at the scalp.


Superfood Ingredients

We’re obsessed with Glimmr’s formula, and not just because it smells amazing.

The mask was developed over the course of two years by expert pharmacists and hair stylists. These professionals used insights from hundreds of women who just wanted to feel like they could bring some health back to their dull, broken locks and help encourage hair growth.

All of that time and effort paid off — this natural hair mask is like magic.

Glimmer’s mask is packed with ingredients proven to improve hair’s appearance, length, and health, including castor oil, fig extract, argan oil, guava leaf extract, ginger root, Japanese camellia oil, Macadamia ternifolia seed extract, coconuts, and shea butter.

If that rundown looks more like your grocery list than the back of a product bottle, you know this mask is something special.

Sure, you can find hair care solutions in the lab. But if you ask us, Mother Nature has provided everything we needed to take care of ourselves.

We love that Glimmr’s products are 100% vegan, delivering essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and amino acids without any of the junk we typically see in other products.

Glimmr is all about natural, vegan strategies for fortifying hair and helping it grow — and we’re totally on board.

Repairs Hair From the Inside Out

Don’t think that Glimmr forgot about your ends. Their formula is also so effective when it comes to revitalizing your dull, broken hair strands, even (and especially) those that have been damaged from heat or color treatments:

  • Argan oil and Japanese camellia oil provide rich fatty acids that repair dry, treated hair and offer antioxidants to protect hair strands even after the mask has been rinsed out.
  • Macadamia ternifolia seed extract adds electrolytes to your hair and scalp, restoring health and balance.
  • Shea butter hydrates hair strands, depositing vitamins A and E without adding any weight.

Their formula fills in porous hair that’s been left vulnerable due to damage. It seals the bonds of the hair strands, helping reduce the number of split ends, prevent breakage, encourage growth, and strengthen your hair for days to come.

If you’ve been tying your hair up every day recently or seriously considering going for the big chop, we really think you should give Glimmr a try. It’s doing wonders for so many people around the world, no matter their curl pattern or natural texture.

Check out Glimmr’s site to learn more about the power of their ultra-restorative hair mask.

The Internet Is Raving About Glimmr’s Formula

Speaking of people, have we mentioned that the internet is actually obsessed with Glimmr’s superfood hair mask? Over 30,000 women have used it to reverse years of damage and encourage hair growth after just one use.

From Instagram to TikTok, the posts raving about Glimmr’s hair mask had us very curious and we’re so excited to say that the hype was totally deserved.

Why does everyone love this mask so much? We’ll break it down.

It’s Quick and Easy

All you need is ten minutes, once a week. That’s right: This is not a daily vitamin or another step on an already-too-long skincare routine. Just pick a day — we like to do Sunday so our hair starts the week strong — and set aside ten minutes.

In the shower, shampoo as you normally would, rinsing build-up away. Then, apply the mask and wait ten minutes. Rinse, and you’re done!

Glimmer’s mask is just that easy.

You’ll start to see the results as soon as your hair dries, whether you’re blow-drying or letting the air do its thing.


It Works on All Hair Types

We know about hair care science. Curly hair and straight hair want different things. Fine hair and thick hair react differently to products. And yet, there’s something about Glimmr’s formula that just works for everyone!

Curly hair gets moisturized and defined ringlets, without the frizz. Straight hair gets smoothed and bouncy without falling flat. All it takes is a quick scroll through Glimmr’s many reviews to see what we mean.

All sorts of curl patterns and hair types are thriving thanks to Glimmr. To be honest, we’ve never seen anything like it.

It’s Guaranteed

Even better, Glimmr is so sure that their hair mask can help you that they have a total guarantee. If you don’t see your hair health improved, breakage reduced, growth encouraged, and some shine restored in your locks, they’ll give you a full refund to return it — hassle-free.

That’s how confident Glimmr is in their product.

Last Thoughts on Glimmr’s Superfood Hair Mask

In the beauty world, quick fixes can mean short-term solutions that do damage over time. Glimmr offers us a, well, glimmer of hope.

With natural, superfood ingredients and a proven track record of helping over 30,000 restore dull, broken hair’s look, length, and feel, Glimmr is the star in our medicine cabinet and our favorite part of wash days.

Check out their website to pick up a jar and see what a ten-minute vitamin infusion can do for you.

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