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The Best Curling Irons of 2023

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Written by Jordyn Edwards

Let’s accept that there is no way to produce perfect beach waves or cascading curls without a hot tool. A curling iron should be easy to use, reach a high enough temperature to set curls without damaging hair, warm up quickly, and be budget-friendly. Your choices could vary widely based on your hair texture and the look you desire.

Despite their availability, curling irons are challenging to pick. With many options available, such as titanium, tourmaline, ceramic, hair rollers, clamp-less curling wands, and heat-free hair curlers, it may be difficult to know where to begin your journey to find the right curling iron. Check out this list of the top curling irons of 2023 to assist you in selecting the most practical curling iron.

Finding a Quality Curling Iron: A Buyer’s Guide

It’s essential to invest in high-quality hair products because your beautiful hair deserves nothing less. Still, many ‌types, models, and brands of hair styling equipment can be daunting. Choosing the proper curling iron might be difficult for some individuals, as the incorrect curling iron model could make the process more challenging, so let’s examine the factors before making a purchase.

How To Choose the Right Curling Iron?

Temperature control

It is usually recommended to begin with a low heat level and see how your hair reacts. Temperature management is one of the most important aspects when selecting a curling iron to prevent hair damage. Some high-end curling irons evenly distribute heat and manage temperature and do not offer specific settings. But if it’s a cheaper model, ensure it includes temperature options. Start with a low temperature and work your way up to determine the optimal temperature for your hair.

Barrel size

When buying a curling iron or wand, you will discover several barrel sizes to choose from. Given that each size offers a variety of styling options, it is essential to select the one that best complements the appearance you desire to achieve. The following are a few of the most prevalent barrel sizes:

  • Three-fourths inch is appropriate for all hair lengths and is perfect for achieving corkscrew curls.
  • One inch is appropriate for all hair lengths and is used to create distinct waves.
  • One ½ inches is ideal for medium to long hair and allows you to get loose, messy curls.
  • Two inches is most appropriate for long hair, and by using it, you can create beachy waves and quickly add volume to the roots.

Keep an eye out for models with replaceable curling barrels if you’re having trouble deciding on a barrel size or if you want the flexibility to switch up your hairstyles. Most feature a few alternatives that you can easily swap out when necessary.


Ceramic irons generally perform well on fine or damaged hair as they heat the hair from within and cause less harm. Titanium barrels are effective on thick or coarse hair because they uniformly distribute heat, combat frizz, and hold curls nicely. The following are a few of the most popular types of plates and barrels:


Ceramic plates, one of the most prevalent plate types, aren’t only highly effective on most hair types and often provide excellent value. It is crucial to remember that some versions contain ceramic-coated plates, indicating that regular use may cause the ceramic coating to wear away. Consider this when deciding between a ceramic model with solid plates and one with coated plates.


Tourmaline plates, also renowned as ionic plates, are ideal for damaged hair because they produce negative ions that minimize overall frizz. These plates, made from semiprecious stone, can also produce a healthy shine.


Titanium plates are often more costly than other plate types but offer faster heating times and equal heat distribution across the hair. This plate style is ideal for extremely thick and curly hair, and expert hairstylists prefer it due to its longevity.


Gold-plated irons, usually found on curling irons and wands, are ideal for thick hair. This form of plate often heats up swiftly and can endure extended exposure to high temperatures.


It’s crucial to consider an extended clip that covers the entire barrel length for maximum adaptability. This allows you to use the curling iron to straighten your hair. Some types are useful as wands for softer curls and waves by wrapping hair over the clip. Some people prefer a wand without clamps as it is more user-friendly. Clamps frequently leave marks on the hair if they aren’t used properly.

Plate size

Hair straightening iron plates come in a variety of sizes. When selecting a hair straightener, you must look for a plate size that matches the length of your hair. Look for plates that range between 2.5 cm and 3 cm wide if you have short hair. For medium-length hair, three cm to four cm plates is ideal. Wider plates measuring roughly 6 cm are better suited for longer, thicker hair. If you frequently travel or like compact styling tools, opt for versions with smaller plates.


Curling iron barrels differ, despite the majority of hair straighteners having a pretty similar form. Among the most prevalent curling iron shapes are the following:


The most common curling iron shape is barrel curling irons, which are equally wide along their length. They are available in various sizes, making it simple to pick one that complements your signature look.


The base of curling irons with a cone shape is thicker than the tip. Their unusual form makes it easy to create natural-looking textures and curls.


Oval-shaped curling irons are less prevalent than other models, but they produce excellent results for giving natural waves to fine or thin hair.

Automatic shutoff

Most curling irons are quiet, so it can be simple to forget to switch them off if you’re in a rush to leave the house. Automatic shutoff features take the stress out of wondering if you accidentally left an appliance on by turning it off after a set period of inactivity.

Control buttons

Pick a curling iron that has straightforward operating control buttons. It is also vital to examine the location of the buttons to avoid accidentally turning off your gadget while it is in use.

Swivel cord

It’s important to consider the swivel cord before buying. It enables you to operate your curling iron without worrying about the cord tangling.

Tips for Using a Curling Iron

Since everyone has a unique hair type, here are some tips that can help you get those curls you so much want.

For fine hair

Hair protection is the most crucial component. Use a curling iron with digital temperature control to make your hair look the way you want it to. Set the temperature between 180 degrees and 370 degrees to keep the hair on the barrel for three to five seconds.

For thick hair

Ensure that your hair is completely dry before curling to prevent curls from coming out. Then, start gradually with manageable sections and keep each section for a few extra seconds to ensure that the hair gets heated evenly and thoroughly. For this hair type, you can use temperatures between 400 and 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

For short hair

To avoid an overdone style, use a smaller barrel size and go from the shaft’s middle to its ends. However, beginning the curl at the ends might cause the hair to appear excessively curled and shorter.

For long hair

You will want to speed up the process if you have long hair. To do this, curl your hair while it is in a ponytail. Remove the ponytail and adjust the curls as necessary.

The Best Curling Irons of 2023 in Detail


ELLA BELLA 1 Inch Curling Iron


  • Includes how-to video styling guide
  • Innovative ceramic technology
  • Digital display for precise temperature selection


  • Hair can get caught

The Ella Bella Curling Iron offers a convenient and effortless way to achieve glamorous and stylish looks for your hair. With its HowTo video styling guide, you can easily change your look in seconds, following the step-by-step instructions for a variety of new and trendy hairstyles. One of the standout features of this curling iron is its innovative ceramic technology. This technology not only helps to create beautiful curls but also protects your hair from heat damage. The ceramic coating ensures even heat distribution, reducing the risk of hot spots and minimizing the potential for hair damage. The digital display on the Ella Bella Curling Iron is another great feature. It allows you to choose the exact temperature that works best for your individual hair type, ranging from 180°F to 410°F. This temperature control feature ensures that you can customize the heat setting based on your hair's needs, resulting in optimal styling results. The versatility and customizability make this curling iron the best overall on the list.


Conair Curling Iron


  • The round shape easily curls hair
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Extra-long floating plates facilitate rapid hair styling


  • The chord isn’t particularly long
The Conair Curling Iron is a one-inch rose gold curling iron that provides you with stunning, classic curls. The increased ceramic composition ensures a consistent temperature throughout the styling process, giving you beautiful hair. Also, it has 30 different heat settings and can reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in a flash, allowing you to use turbo heat to quickly and easily style even the most stubborn spots. The one-of-a-kind, cool tip, and auto-off function ensure your safety and convenience. Its dual voltage makes it suitable for ‌various places, and its double ceramic coating protects hair from heat and damage while minimizing frizz. The curling iron buttons are also hidden away out of sight for a sleek minimalist style. This product is the best overall on this list because of its excellent functionality and features, making it super easy to use.

Hot Tools Curling Iron


  • Soft grip provides a comfortable holding
  • A spring clamp provides great performance
  • Folding safety stand for convenient storage


  • Not appropriate for extremely thick hair
The Hot Tools Pro Curling Iron reaches a maximum temperature of 430 degrees and produces stunning results for most hair types, from fine to coarse. It’s built with gold technology for long-lasting effects and speedy styling, allowing you to style your hair swiftly. It helps you maintain a steady temperature so you can always achieve the perfect curl. The soft-touch comfort handle makes it simple to maintain complete styling control, while the extra-long cool tip allows you to rest your fingers during styling to protect them from heat. With its 6 feet of tangle-free swivel cord, you may enjoy a wide range of motion.

BaBylissPRO Curling Iron


  • Holds hair well in place
  • Titanium curling wand prevents hair damage
  • High heat for hair that is thicker


  • Warms up slower than other curling irons
The BaBylissPRO Curling Iron facilitates the creation of the most elegant loose waves and complex curls. It features a nano titanium barrel that uses far-infrared heat to style hair without causing damage. Also, it reaches 450 degrees and features a ceramic barrel that uniformly distributes heat without causing hair damage. The locking feature prevents hair from escaping the barrel while styling a specific portion. It also makes your hair easier to tug through, preventing damage while you’re attempting to curl your hair. The almost 9-foot-long cord provides you with effortless rotation when styling hair. The curling iron helps you easily adjust the temperature between 130-200 degrees, depending on the hair type.

Revlon Curling Iron


  • Contains automatic shutoff and multiple settings
  • Tangle-free cord and a rotating mechanism
  • Triple ceramic coating prevents damage


  • The indicator light is barely visible
The 30 heat settings of the REVLON Curling Iron allow you to create waves and curls for all hair types, from thick to thin and fine to medium. It has a triple ceramic coating designed to deliver ideal heat and a ceramic coating for less damage and optimal styling. Also, it helps you get beautiful, long-lasting curls with minimal damage and frizz. This curling iron allows you to create loose curls and waves with three ceramic coats that remove frizz and minimize heat damage. The high heat of 400 degrees Fahrenheit locks in the curl rapidly for a beautiful, long-lasting style. Its 4-inch barrel keeps it cool for a prolonged period, protecting your fingertips from heat injury. The stand flips over, so the barrel remains on the counter to ensure safety.

Lanvier Curling Iron


  • Easily adjustable temperature
  • Compatible with all hair types
  • Comfortable handle makes it easy to use


  • Hair sometimes becomes stuck
The LANVIER Curling Iron provides consistent heat for high-shine curls and healthy hair while styling. Its nine-inch-long barrel is ideal for thick, long hair to create gorgeous, relaxed curls. The crushed pearl facilitates the formation of smooth, frizz-resistant waves. The 8-foot swivel power cord allows you to set the curling iron to any angle and easily style your hair. It has a temperature range of 300 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can select the ideal temperature for your hair. The temp lock option lets you keep the curling iron at the set temperature while styling. Also, the dual voltage construction makes it suitable for travel. The 60-minute auto-shutoff feature gives you further peace of mind with every use while ensuring your safety.

People Also Ask

  • Q: What temperature do I need for my hair type?

    A:For those having thin hair, maintain a temperature below 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures beyond this level may cause strands to burn. The temperature for coarse and thick hair should be between 200-300 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Q: How long should I leave long hair in a curling iron?

    A:Holding each hair strand for at least 7-10 seconds will help you get the desired curls or waves in your hair. You don’t need much more if you desire tight curls. Always unplug the curling iron after use to avoid any form of accident

  • Q: What is the finest barrel material for a curling iron?

    A:Titanium is the optimal barrel material for curling coarse, thick hair. The release of negative ions makes hair silky and lustrous. Additionally, it is lightweight and durable.

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