Ariana Grande ‘Evolves’ (Read: Inks Around) Her Pete Davidson ‘Always’ Tattoo

Ariana Grande 'Evolves' (Read: Inks Over) Her Pete Davidson 'Always' Tattoo
 Courtesy of Mira Mariah/Instagram

During Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s whirlwind romance, the two indulged in multiple couple tattoos. This included a matching one that read “always” written in one another’s handwriting, hers on her rib cage and his on his back. But now that they’ve both moved on, the singer “evolved” hers into a brand new design.

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On Sunday, March 17, the “7 Rings” singer posted a photo to Instagram of her laying down on her back after a middle-of-the-night session with her tattoo artist Mira Mariah. In the shot, you can clearly see that overtop of the script is a skinny branch with some leaves. Inside one of them you can still read Davidson’s handwriting.

“Post run thrus, 3 am with @girlknewyork,” she wrote in the caption. “Not a cover up just evolvin.” Her tattoo artist also posted a snap on her feed writing, “Middle of the night leaves on the queen. I love you thank you this is all!”

Thanks to an Instagram post from New York-based tattoo artist Joe Mesa, as of February 9, 2019, we can still see Davidson’s “always” on his upper back. Supposedly the word is meant to pay tribute to Harry Potter, referring to when Severus Snape admitted he would “always” be in love with Lily Potter.

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This was far from the duo’s only matching tattoo. They both got “Mille Tendresse” written on the back of their necks, meaning “a thousand tendernesses.” However, the SNL cast member got his neck tattoo completely covered to now reads “cursed.”

Even though the lady behind the hit “Thank You Next” claims that her new rib tattoo isn’t a cover up, that doesn’t mean she’s against hiding one piece of body art with another. She once has Pete’s name on her left hand ring finger, which now is just a black heart. Another one that used to read “reborn” now shows just a simple feather.

Perhaps Grande’s long “evolving” tattoo journey could stand as a lesson in being cautious when it comes to choosing designs with a meaning. At least they all look gorgeous!

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