Beauty Crush: Erin Heatherton Shares Her No-Makeup Glowing Skin Secrets!

erin heatherton
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Natural beauty! Sure, one could argue that anyone who’s a supermodel hit the genetic jackpot, but few have skin so flawless (not to mention confidence in spades) that they rarely wear a stitch of makeup. Such is the case with Erin Heatherton, the fresh-scrubbed 28-year-old Illinois native who believes that “radiating joy” trumps lipstick. Stylish chats with Heatherton (who had dated Leonardo DiCaprio) about her low-key approach to beauty.

Stylish: If you were stranded on a desert island, what would be the three products you’d have to have?

Heatherton: Sunscreen, lip balm, Adore Essence Facial Milk.

Stylish: But in real life, you never seem to be wearing too much makeup — what are your bare minimums?

Heatherton: I don’t like to wear makeup in my free time, so my skin care routine is all the more important. I don’t leave the house before taking time to wash and moisturize my skin. Adore products [Heatherton is a face of the brand] keep my skin glowing, so I am proud to show it off. 

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Stylish: Speaking of Adore, what is it about being connected to the brand that makes sense for you?

Heatherton: I love the concept and message behind the brand’s Adore Yourself campaign. Plus, they only use organic ingredients and I share the same holistic approach to beauty and skincare. My skin has truly never looked healthier since I started using the line. The Golden Touch Magnetic Mask is my obsession — it’s INSANE! Using it the first time was probably more exciting than trying/wearing mascara for the first time — taking it off was more fun than I can even explain.

Stylish: Any great makeup hacks you’ve learned?

Heatherton: My favorite look is a shortcut I learned from shooting swimwear. A little serum on skin for dewiness, then an eyelash curl, tinted lip balm/cheekstain, maybe some mascara — that’s all you need to look polished.

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Stylish: Who’s your beauty icon?

Heatherton: Goldie Hawn has always been a beauty and fashion icon to me. She radiates joy and infuses beauty into everything through her smile and spirit. She is a great example of what real beauty means to me. 

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