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Kristen Cavallari’s Colorist Dishes on Fall’s Biggest Trends: ‘People Are Ready for a Big Bang’ (Exclusive)

Kristen Cavallaris Hairstylist Dishes Falls Biggest Color Trends
Kristen Cavallari. Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock

A seasonal switch up! While majority of the past year has been all about healthy hair and low maintenance looks, the whole laidback, go-with-the-flow approach to color is about to expire. 

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Because according to hairstylist Justin Anderson, fall is going to be all about having a “big moment” in the hair department. “The pandemic kept us all in self care mode and let our roots grow out, but I think that people are ready for a big bang,” the dpHUE founder exclusively told Us. 

Going bright, bold and having a “loud moment” is exciting and all, but Anderson, who frequently works with Kristen Cavallari, said that he’s been seeing certain hues reign supreme over the past few weeks.

Kristen Cavallaris Hairstylist Dishes Falls Biggest Color Trends
Justin Anderson and Kristen Cavallari. Courtesy of Justin Anderson/Instagram

One of the biggest trends is that blonde tones are here to stay. “I love a really bright, winter blonde moment. I think it’s hot! It’s hot when there’s a really ashy, cool-toned, almost platinum blonde during the holidays. It just makes a statement,” Anderson explained. 

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That said, he’s a firm believer that most blondes should have darker roots. “You don’t want anything that’s going to grow out super, super hard. Even if you have highlights all the way up to the root, you always want to soften the root area by getting a shadow root.” 

If honey colored hues aren’t your speed, fear not. The beauty boss also said that he’s also been seeing “really, really vibrant reds” and brunettes that are extra “shiny and super glossy.” But they all have a bit of an unexpected undertone.

“I feel like whenever you talk about hair, the word orange is a really bad word. Blondes don’t want to see any orange or brunettes don’t want to see any orange or red undertones,” Anderson said. “But I feel like a lot of the red that I’m seeing right now actually have a lot of orange undertones, like a really deep, fall orange.” 

He added: “Nothing should ever go eggplants or purple-ish. Nothing should ever be wine colored, like a Merlot. It’s all an orange undertones [right now], but warm.” 

While picking out a great fall hue is half the battle, keeping your color looking fresh is equally as important. Anderson’s number one recommendation for long-lasting color is to shampoo less. Yes, you read that right. 

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“I feel like since day one, we’ve always been taught to shampoo every single time we get in the shower,” he said. “At the end of the day, no matter how healthy a shampoo is, it’s still a detergent. It suds up, it pulls the good oils off of your hair. It makes the color fade.” 

Instead, he loves reaching for the dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse, which is a shampoo substitute that cleans the hair (trust Us, your hair will feel fresh!), rebalances the scalp’s pH and doesn’t mess with hair color. 

“The ACV rinse is the most gentle way to clean the hair. I really want people to pull away from shampooing so much and try to transition over as much as possible,” Anderson added.