Princess Eugenie’s Engagement Ring Looks Like Her Mother Fergie’s

Princess Eugenie of York

Like mother, like daughter — literally! Princess Eugenie announced her engagement to Jack Brooksbank on Monday, January 22, and once we got over our initial euphoria at yet another royal wedding to look forward to (ahem, Prince Harry is marrying Meghan Markle in May), we couldn’t help but notice that the blushing bride-to-be received a pink sapphire ring that looks an awful like the one her mother, Duchess Sarah Ferguson (a.k.a. Fergie), received from Prince Andrew prior to their marriage.

Prince Andrew
Tim Graham/Getty

Here are the specs: Princess Eugenie is now rocking a padparadscha sapphire ring — it’s a pinky-orange stone that’s almost salmon colored, surrounded by diamonds with a gold setting. The unusual sparkler is incredibly rare (reportedly the rarest kind in the sapphire family), and thus an unusual choice for an engagement ring — until you take a look at the ring the bride’s mother received upon her engagement in 1986.

When the Princess’ father popped the question to Duchess Fergie, he gave her a pink Burma ruby which was surrounded by diamonds. The stone, which quickly became the trendy engagement ring dujour, was reportedly inspired by the then duchess-to-be’s red hair.

Looking at the two side by side, we think it’s safe to say Princess Eugenie’s ring is an updated take on her mother’s now classic engagement jewel, which was made by Gerard jewelers, who coincidentally made Princess Diana’s ring.

Inherited engagement traditions have been a royal trend du jour: diamonds in the ring that Prince Harry gave to Meghan Markle came from his late mother’s collection, and his sister-in-law Kate Middleton received  the Princess of Wales’ actual engagement ring.

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