Vanessa Hudgens Doesn’t Think You Should Spend Too Much Time Taking Selfies at Coachella, Shares Style and Beauty Tips

Vanessa Hudgens Doesn't Think You Should Spend Too Much Time Taking Selfies at Coachella, Shares Style and Beauty Tips
Vanessa Hudgens x SinfulColors Festival Collection at The Highlight Room at the Dream Hollywood on April 11, 2018 in Hollywood, California Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for SinfulColors

Coachella queen! Bohemian babe Vanessa Hudgens is the expert for nailing all things festival season, so Stylish couldn’t wait to sit down with the 30-year-old actress to find out all her tips for surviving the desert in style.

Hudgens teamed up with Amazon to curate and shop her top essentials through Amazon’s Coachella storefront where customers can order their must-haves and have them delivered to their homes, an Amazon pickup point, or even directly to an Amazon Locker located inside Coachella’s festival grounds.

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens Courtesy of Vanessa Hudgens

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Some of her go-to picks? “I find that a portable charger is extremely helpful because my phone is always dying,” she admitted. “I also bring essential oils to stay invigorated and smell nice, pressed powder because it’s hot and I get sweaty, a portable fan (either an electronic one or a paper one), a scarf or some kind of clothing item that’s super light-weight to cover my shoulders from the sun and of course, sunglasses!”

To an outsider, it seems as though Hudgens has festivals mastered, but the High School Musical alum told Us that she can be forgetful when organizing her bag. “Packing up and going to the festival is so fun and exciting, but I feel like I always forget something, so it’s nice that I’ll have a fool-proof backup plan with the Amazon Lockers. …The one thing that I feel I always run out of, without a doubt, is hand sanitizer and sunscreen, so I’m probably going to be using them for that.”

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While she may have her practical necessities readily available throughout the weekend, planning her get-ups in advance is key. “I try to put together outfits before I leave home so that I have ideas of what I can do when I get there. … I think I wore almost everything that I brought last year!” Hudgens said.

As for fashion inspiration, all Hudgens does is take a peak inside her collection filled with unique gems and goes from there. “I’ve never really been one to like follow a trend. … I literally go into my closet and pick out the things that I’ve been wearing a lot or things that I’ve been saving that are a little too crazy for normal life, but are perfect for Coachella. It is such an amazing place to express who you are and what you are into and push the boundaries a little bit,” she explained.

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens Courtesy of Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram

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But when it comes to hair accessories, there’s one item she’s retired. “I wouldn’t wear a flower crown at Coachella. … It had its moment,” she joked. “I normally end up just wearing a big, straw hat to avoid the sun and I have a couple by Eric Javits and Lack of Color has been my go-to for so many years.”

Another look she’s planning to skip out on: full glam beauty and wigs. “I honestly try to do a no-fuss makeup look. I just slap a bunch of glitter on and put a ton of mascara, bronzer and highlighter on, make sure I have my lip balm and just hope for the best,” she dished. “I feel like once you start making it too complicated on yourself, that’s when things get challenging, like don’t wear a wig to Coachella. It’s way too hot!”

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Her number one rule though all of it? Have fun with everything. “I think the thing about Coachella that I love so much is creating new memories with my friends and for me, it’s not about the fashion or the content I may get for my Instagram. I just go to express myself through my fashion, feel good, feel the grass under my feet and be with the people that I love. … Don’t spend too much time trying to take a selfie because then you might miss something else happening!”

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