Devon and Sydney Carlson of Wildflower Cases Tell Us Why Their iPhone Accessories Are a Must-Have in Bella Hadid’s Mirror Selfies

Devon and Sydney Carlson Wildflower Phone Cases
Devon and Sydney Carlson, founders of Wildflower Cases. Elias Tahan

While you’re social distancing in quarantine, you’re most likely on your phone even more than usual and taking mirror selfies to show off your work-from-home looks or at-home workout outfits. To add a little positivity while scrolling through the news or amping up your cozy sweatsuit get-up, Wildflower Cases are here to help.

The chic iPhone cases filled with lady bugs, cow and leopard prints, cherries, flames and more are loved by It-girls including Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Halsey, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey, Irina Shayk and Dua Lipa — and it’s no surprise why.

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The brand, founded by sisters Devon and Sydney Carlson, was created 7 years ago after they searched for cute phone cases with no luck, which ultimately led their mom to do some DIY crafting.

“Back then, it was really hard to find case designs that reflected my style in the market,” Devon told Stylish. “I was looking for cases that were playful, unique and daring. My parents always taught us that complaining about something gets you nowhere and sometimes you have to take matters into your hands, literally,” she joked.

Soon after, the duo ran into Miley Cyrus at a restaurant and their unique idea took off from there. “Devon and I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and as we were waiting, Miley walked out. Devon has always been a huge fan of Miley, so we asked for a photo,” Sydney explained. “I took the photo on my phone, which had the phone case my mom made on it and right away Miley noticed it and asked where we got it. … Miley saw something in these cases and had to let our family know we should start a business,” she added.

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And that they did! Since their mom’s initial creations, the co-founders have expanded and evolved their line to offer tons of options, so that there is a case for everyone.

Devon and Sydney Carlson Wildflower Phone Cases
Bella Hadid shows off her Wildflower iPhone case. Courtesy of Bella Hadid/Instagram

“Our cases definitely reflect both of our style journeys. When it comes to designing new cases, we are constantly switching it up,” Sydney noted. “I like to change my case depending on my style and sometimes mood. … I always try to match my outfits to my phone case, which makes for the perfect mirror pics,” she said. 

The same sentiment applies for Devon and she thinks without a cute phone case, a mirror selfie is incomplete: “The phone case is the final touch to the look and the cherry on top. It instantly makes the photo cuter. … I would feel naked without one. … Wildflower has an amazing ability to add a pop of personality to your mirror pics. Without words, you can get an idea as to how someone might be feeling or what they’re into just by looking at their case in the mirror,” she dished. 

Devon and Sydney Carlson Wildflower Phone Cases
Halsey takes a selfie showing her Wildflower iPhone case. Courtesy of Wildflower Cases/Instagram

Their top tips for nailing a feed-worthy selfie other than using a trendy phone case? “Lighting for sure and also props,” Sydney suggested. “If you’re having fun and not taking it too seriously, the photo will always looks good.”

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As for Devon’s recommendation, “Take one when you feel your best! Whether I’m in full glam or have no makeup on, my happiness definitely shines through the camera.”

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