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Zac Posen Talks Tips for Being the Best Dressed Guest at Summer Weddings

Katie Holmes and Zac Posen
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Zac Posen knows fashion. The designer has been a New York style mainstay since he hit the scene in 2000 with star fans like Naomi Campbell and Kate Upton and Katie Holmes wearing his gowns on the red carpet.  Nearly 20 years later, he’s still as relevant — and chic — as ever. Not only has the iconic designer created new uniforms for Delta stewardesses and attendants, but he also helped design a bottle of rose for VieVite to help us all sip stylishly, too. We caught up with Posen at the launch event for his new VieVite venture and talked all things summer: what to wear for summer weddings (the dos, don’ts) and some simple summer style essentials for warm weather — and he even shared the secrets to calming down a bridezilla.

Stylish:  What are your top five tips for looking cute and chic this summer?

Zac Posen: Sure. Shirt dress — Brooks Brothers women. A good, slim fitted navy crop pant. A great woven basket bag. It can be out of straw which I think is a good look for women this summer. And sunscreen. We have to protect our skin.

Stylish: For women going to weddings this summer what’s the essential footwear?
ZP: Wedges!

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Stylish: Wedges?

ZP: Yes. If you are going to an outdoor wedding  you can not wear a stiletto or a heel. And the bride too— just so the heel doesn’t go into the turf or get destroyed on pebbles. It happens a lot.

Stylish: What about for men? Biggest mistake men are making in fashion right now that you’d wish would be corrected?

ZP: Oversized ties. Ties that are too wide.

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Stylish: Do you think it’s corny when a guy matches their tie to their date’s dress?

ZP: It’s such an individual situation. I think it’s cute and fun. I think it depends if it’s a more preppy and fun wedding.  I think a wedding, especially here in America, is where a couple can really explore their creative side. I think people should express and personalize what they want to tell.

Stylish: Is it still a no-no to wear white, off white or cream to a wedding?

ZP: You should really try and stay away. It’s tradition.

Stylish: What about men? Can men wear white a white tux or suit as a guest?

ZP: No. Don’t do it. I think Puffy stopped doing his white party a long time ago for a reason.

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Stylish: For destination — beach type weddings. What do you think is appropriate to wear as a guest?

ZP: Don’t wear T-shirts and shorts. That’s my answer to that. Linen is nice. A linen shirt is always beautiful. An unlined jacket is always good for a destination wedding and humidity. Probably not a tie — and the right, loose enough pants.

Stylish: I know you have your own wedding line. Anything you’d like to share about it?

ZP: It’s Truly Zac Posen and there are amazing options out there right now for the summer. With the David’s Bridal Truly Zac Posen line, it’s definitely something one should check out. Amazing detailing, signature elements. Amazing fit and cut. We really try to service all body types. I think the intricacy and technique we’re able to achieve with the lace is pretty amazing. If you want that wow, glamour moment it’s an exceptional option. I think that if you have the means and the ability to make something custom, I think my house within my own company offers one of the greatest experiences with great care and personalization.

Stylish: Do you deal with bridezillas ever?

ZP: Sometimes.

Stylish: What’s the best way to deal with one — or to calm one down?

ZP: How to calm down a bridezilla? Well, you kinda have to let them let it out. That’s the key. Just let it out. When I was 16, I coordinated my first wedding and planned a wedding for one of my sister’s friends. She was not a bridezilla, but she was particular and personal. I think it’s like any event. The expectations are high. I don’t know.. give them a glass of rose. That’s my answer. Who knows where it will go.

With reporting by Marc Lupo


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