Drenched and freezing for a cause! Scores of celebrities joined the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge over this past week to help raise money and awareness for Lou Gehrig's disease. Here, Us Weekly has compiled a master cut of your favorite celebrities, like Justin Timberlake, Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lopez, and Oprah, participating in the viral campaign.

"All right, you can see here. I am accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge," Timberlake said. "I am ready for the ice now," Oprah said, before letting out a scream. Other celebrities to partake in the challenge included Taylor Swift and pal Jaime King.

Chris Pratt guzzled a Smirnoff Ice while getting doused from above. Martha Stewart, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez also took part in the campaign, along with a bikini-clad Iggy Azalea, Kylie Jenner, Chris Brown, and Drake.

Tech bigwigs Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates also partook in the challenge. "I want to accept this challenge, but I want to do it better than it's been done," Gates joked, before creating an elaborate design.

NBA champ LeBron James let out a rather loud scream for a man of his height (6'8'') and weight (250 lbs). Master spoofer Weird Al Yankovic remained silent as ice water was poured over his head. Lena Dunham, meanwhile, let out a rather painful scream after the ice cold liquid hit her bathing suit-clad body.

Tyler Perry, Robert Downey Jr., Conan O'Brien, Keith Urban, and Matt Lauer also joined the cause. Elizabeth Banks stood in her shower and poured ice water over her head. Teen heartthrob Ansel Elgort stripped down to his swim trunks as he dumped water over his shirtless body.

"I'd like to nominate the New York Jets to do this," Jimmy Fallon said before he, Rob Riggle, Horatio Sanz, Steve Higgins, and The Roots dumped ice buckets of water over their heads on his show. "You have 24 hours," the Tonight Show host said as he screamed in a suit.

The challenge has raised a whopping $15.6 million in donations for the ALS Association so far, as opposed to the $1.8 million it raised within the same time frame last year. "These donations have come from existing donors and 307,598 new donors to The Association," the ALS Association shared in the press release distributed Monday, Aug. 18.

Watch the master cut video of all 26 celebrities participating above and donate here!