The QVC Workout Tool Heidi Klum Uses Every Day to Keep Her Body Bikini-Ready

Heidi Klum’s AOL Summer Run turns yoga with Russell Simmons on July 12, 2011 in New York City. Andrew H. Walker/WireImage

Heidi Klum really is just like Us! To maintain an enviable body, the model and TV host has a simple (and affordable!) secret weapon — a Pilates ring that she saw on QVC.

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The Project Runway star tells Us Weekly in an exclusive interview that she squeezes in her workouts — literally — with a ring sold in $15 and $25 versions.

“I have this round circle, I actually saw it on QVC. It’s like this round thing that you can squeeze between your legs and then you can squeeze your thighs together,” the 45-year-old entrepreneur and Ocean Drive cover star tells Us. “You can kind of work on your thighs a little bit, but you can also use it for your arms and you can squish it in so that’s supposed to be good for your chest, for your breasts, to keep them up and perky.”

The circular resistance-based workout tool is approximately 13 inches wide and has pads on two sides that can be placed, for example, between the thighs or palms of the hands allowing you to push and release to sculpt muscles.

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The America’s Got Talent judge, who has a fitness studio in the attic of her Los Angeles home, says in addition to using the ring, she focuses on cardio. “I do all my cardio on my running machine. I have a Westwood, which I think is one of the best running machines. So I either do it where I’m climbing up the hill or I just run.”

And with age, the Emmy nominee and avid runner, has learned that for her, it’s best to make sure every workout does her body good. “I never overdo it. I personally don’t believe in pushing your body to the limits. I’m 45 now and I’ve never had back problems, knee problems or anything of these types of things,” she tells Us. “Most of the time, when I’m looking around at some of my friends at the gym, they’re pumping weights and running I don’t know how many miles. They run so fast and so hard. They always have something wrong with their back or their knees hurt. Some of my friends are even 10 years younger than me and I’m like, ‘How come your stuff’s aching and you exercise all the time?’ So I think sometimes we shouldn’t overdo it so much. I think it’s definitely important.”

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The Heidi Klum Intimates and Heidi Klum Swim designer also reveals that she prioritizes cardio for her health. “I think No. 1, it’s important for your heart because you have to think about a healthy heart and you need to have your heart pumping and therefore I think the cardio’s important. But then again, don’t push yourself so much.”

Along with sculpting her physique with the Pilates ring and regular runs, Klum says she is a fan of workouts that tap into using the power of her own body weight and allow her to stay active outdoors with her four kids. “As long as you’re moving about and you’re doing a little bit of weights. I think also to do stuff with your own weight is good. I have a swimming pool. I’m always with my kids outside. Especially now that the weather is boiling hot in L.A, we’re by the pool. I swim with them,” the former Victoria’s Secret model tells Us. “We have a trampoline outside and you can jump on the trampoline. I’m always so busy in any case. I never am a couch potato. I’m always moving and doing things.”

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