Jenna Jameson Gives Fiance Lior Bitton a Sweet Nod for Loving Her ‘Unconditionally’ During Struggles

Jenna Jameson Fiance Supported Her Health Journey
Jenna Jameson and her fiance, Lior Bitton. Courtesy Jenna Jameson/Instagram

Throughout her weight loss journey, Jenna Jameson has shown she has a way with words. Now, she’s using her communication skills to thank her fiancé, Lior Bitton, for always supporting her health and well-being.

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“He loved me kindly and unconditionally when I was heavy and depressed,” the star, 45, wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday, July 17.

In the accompanying photo, Jameson and Bitton — who share 2-year-old daughter Batel — each have an arm around the other as they gaze up at the camera for a selfie. The former adult film actress wears a white cami while her partner is shirtless in a bathing suit.

Jenna Jameson Fiance Supported Her Health Journey
Jenna Jameson, before and after her weight loss. Courtesy Jenna Jameson/Instagram

The bestselling author doesn’t share information about her future husband all that frequently amongst her inspirational messages and keto diet snack ideas and menus. But this post more than made up for it! “We’ve come a long way @liorbitt,” she started her lengthy caption. “Here’s some fun facts about us.”

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She continued, “Lior was born in Herzaliyah Israel. I was born in Las Vegas Nevada. He has 3 sweet boys, Liyam, Kai and Milan.” Jameson featured her stepsons in her Instagram stories prominently earlier this year when they visited from Israel.

The star — who lost nearly 90 pounds over the last year with a combination of the keto diet and intermittent fasting — noted that she and the businessman were neighbors long before they met. “Our balconies were across from each other [in Las Vegas]. We would see each other all day but never spoke. This went on a year,” she said. “Finally I asked him to come for dinner at my house. He must have like my cooking because he never left 😉.”

Jenna Jameson Fiance Supported Her Health Journey
Jenna Jameson and Lior Bitton with their daughter. Courtesy Jenna Jameson/Instagram

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The pair got engaged in 2015. On social media, Bitton has been publicly supportive of his fiancée’s wellness goals, IVF journey to pregnancy with Batel in 2016, her commitment to sobriety, her conversion to Judaism and her former relationship with MMA fighter Tito Ortiz, which ended with him taking full custody of their twin sons in 2013.

Jameson completed her tribute with some rapid-fire facts: “He is 6’3 … We rarely fight. He’s a fantastic surfer and should have gone pro in my opinion. He has ugly feet and gorgeous eyes. Ok ok this is getting mushy. Love you guys! 💋”

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