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Love Is Blind’s Irina Solomonova Shows Off Her 1-Year Body Transformation

Love Is Blind’s Irina Solomonova Shows Off Her 1-Year Body Transformation
Irina Solomonova Netflix

Love Is Blind alum Irina Solomonova showed off the progress she’s made in the past year on her health and wellness journey.

“These are not the best after-gym photos but it was so hard for me to share them,” Solomonova, 26, wrote via her Instagram Story on Wednesday, August 2, sharing photos from July 2022 and last month “But also proud of my body and making little choices that just help me feel better inside and out.”

In the before and after pics, Solomonova showed off her toned and flat stomach, explaining how finding the old pictures made her realize how much her body had “changed” in the past year.

“I’m so proud of myself,” she gushed. “I honestly just started working out continually about three months ago and I do the absolute least amount of cardio but my biggest thing was that I just wanted to stay consistent.”

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Solomonova revealed that before she found a gym routine that worked for her, she never knew how to get started or would work herself too hard and lose motivation. As she began her fitness journey, Solomonova expressed she wanted an “easy” workout that she could perform every day and not feel so tired after. Her go-to work is the “12-3-30” incline while also holding “handlebars.” While Solomonova noted it was a “small change” for her, she feels “so much better inside and out.”

Love Is Blind’s Irina Solomonova Shows Off Her 1-Year Body Transformation
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In addition to her new gym method, Solomonova revealed she also started taking a supplement that helped “stabilize” her blood sugar and control her cravings. Solomonova was hesitant to reveal the name of the supplement she takes since she’s not a medical professional or a dietician but later shared it was berberine. She encouraged her fans to “do their research” and consult their doctors before they decided to purchase the product.

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“I truly believe it’s how you move your body and what you eat,” she added while discussing the supplement. She also noted she had stopped taking it recently because she had “run out.”

Solomonova appeared on season 4 of Love Is Blind. During her time on the show, she was seen as the villain due to her outspoken nature. While she got engaged to Zack Goytowski in the pods, they ended up splitting and Goytowski, 32, went on to wed Bliss Poureetezadi.

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