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Olivia Munn Responds to Praise for Showing Cellulite: ‘It’s Not Gonna Stop Me From Posting a Pic’

Olivia Munn at the premiere of The Rook on June 17, 2019.Rob Latour/Shutterstock

Olivia Munn wants everyone to know that she has cellulite — and doesn’t care in the least.

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On Tuesday, August 13, the Predator actress posted a body-positive photo of herself in a Coach miniskirt on Instagram that showed her sitting on a chair with her legs crossed. In a move similar to Kourtney Kardashian‘s recent stretch mark photo, the underside of Munn’s left thigh, which showed un-retouched dimples, was prominently displayed. Munn simply captioned the photo, “xo.”

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Adoring fans immediately flooded her comment section with praise. Makeup artist Amy Oresman led the charge, writing, “You are wonderful and I love you and I love cellulite! All the women who are the most magnificent in my life have cellulite, eyeballs and a nose…. why? Because they are human. I have not befriended an alien 👽 yet but my fingers crossed. You look incredible and I adore all that is you!” The outspoken star responded writing, “Love you 😭❤️.”

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Another commenter wrote, “Omg I LOVE how you didn’t Photoshop out the little cellulite on your thigh! Makes me feel so much better about my cellulite.” While still one more said, “CelluLIT 😍.”

Predictably, online trolls also attempted to body-shame her, which brought some fans to her defense.

But Munn, 39, made sure to shut down cellulite deniers with a response firmly in line with the body-neutrality movement. After one person wrote, “Am I blind??? What f–king cellulite? She’s freaking perfect. Seriously … if that’s cellulite then you make it look amazing. You handled the response with class and humor. Which makes you even more amazing. Don’t listen to men who are just trying to get a rise out of you. ♥️,” Munn made clear that she, which is totally normal and natural.

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“What woman doesn’t have cellulite??” the former Daily Show correspondent wrote. “It’s not gonna stop me from posting a pic.” She added a smiley face at the end.

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