Selena Gomez’s Pilates Trainer Shannon Nadj Reveals Her ‘Honest’ Holiday Health Tips: ‘If You’re Going to Indulge, Enjoy It’

Shannon Nadji Holiday Fitness Tips
Shannon Nadji. Dorothy Hong/Team Epiphany

Hot Pilates founder Shannon Nadj isn’t playing around when it comes to leading her 50-minute high-intensity classes in Beverly Hills. Her 95-degree sweat sessions attract stars like Selena Gomez, Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber.

“I think I’ve been teaching a little too much this week,” Nadj told Us over the phone, distinctly suffering from a lost voice. “It’s a gift and a curse when you’re too passionate about what you do,” she laughed.

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Nadj carved time out her busy schedule to chat about staying in shape during the holiday season and her new For Professionals Only campaign with JBL Audio, her favorite headphones brand. “What I love about them is that they stay in your ear no matter what,” she explained. “You can run, do cardio, be really active and they stay glued to your ear. Also it pushes out outside noise so when you have them in, you’re in the zone.”

Shannon Nadji Holiday Fitness Tips
The JBL Reflect Flow headphones. Dorothy Hong/Team Epiphany

As we near the holiday season, the Get Hot founder has realistic tips to keep in mind before feasting. “Keep it very honest,” said Nadj. “Whatever you indulge in, look to find balance. If you know you’re going to have a bottle of wine or two, maybe skip dessert.”

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She continued, “Whenever I have a cheat day, the next day I will be strict and drink tons of green juice to flesh out my system. But most important of all, my doctor taught me this: If you’re going to indulge, enjoy it.”

The fitness expert shared that her gym bag isn’t complete without the JBL Reflect Flow headphones, a pair of Nike sneakers, a bottle of water and a cute matching two-piece workout outfit. Right now, she’s loving the sets from Year of Ours, an L.A. based brand designed by Iggy Azalea’s stylist, Alejandra Hernandez.

If you’re looking to sneak in a quick workout before your Thanksgiving feast, Nadj’s YouTube channel is a great place to start thanks to her quick — yet effective — workouts. And in the meantime, consider her final piece of advice. Before the holiday, “Pre-cleanse by increasing your cardio, get a good sweat in, hit the steam room, drink a lot of water —especially if you’re going to drink a lot of alcohol — and then eat the pie.”

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Nadj has been deemed the “Professional Body Transformer” by the brand, which is surely why so many A-listers gravitate to her space. “In L.A. these girls and guys like to get their asses beat.” Nevertheless, it’s something they look forward to! “Going with someone who supports you is everything,” said Nadj. “Hailey [Baldwin] and Maeve [Reilly] come together, [other times] Hailey will bring Kendall. It’s a support system where you each have each other’s backs.”

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