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‘Moms Like Us’: Jordin Sparks Shares Her Go-To Trick for Calming Down a Temper Tantrum

Toddler tantrums are no joke and Jordin Sparks knows that first hand! The musician sat down with Us Weekly to spill everything she’s tried to calm down her 2-year-old son DJ, whom she shares with husband Dana Isaiah. Watch the latest episode of Moms Like Us with Us Weekly host Christina Garibaldi and Stroller in the City’s Brianne Manz to hear Sparks’ best advice.

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“If he’s crying or he’s frustrated or he is throwing a tantrum, I get down on his level so I’m not towering over him. And I just open my arms and I’m like, ‘Come here, let’s take a deep breath. Let’s talk about this,’” she told Us. “Taking deep breaths, I’ve been instilling in him since before he could talk. I’m like, ‘In through your nose and out through your mouth.’  We’ll do them together. And he’s actually started doing them himself, which makes me so happy because if we can come back to our breath and calm ourselves down, a lot of things open up for us.”

Nap time also usually brings a tantrum on and, for that, she explained that her go-to cure is cosleeping.

Jordin Sparks on Toddler Tantrums
DJ, Jordin Sparks, and Dana Isaiah. Courtesy of Jordin Sparks/Instagram

“The tantrums usually happen around nap time, ‘cause he just wants to keep playing. So, Dana or myself, we have to nap,” the Arizona native noted. “We say, ‘So you can be big and strong. So let’s lay down,’ and he’s he’ll actually think about it and go, ‘OK, Mommy.’ Other times, it’s not so easy. It just depends on the day.”

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The Grammy nominee opened up to Us about how she has coped with her own mental health while being in quarantine with her husband and toddler.

Jordin Sparks on Toddler Tantrums Us Interview
Jordin Sparks

“My mental health has definitely become a priority. It was the last couple of years, but last year really, really cemented it. It was a tough year for everybody,” Sparks told Us. “I really started thinking about myself, and ‘Why do I tick this way?’ and ‘Why do I feel like this?’ Being stuck at home, you start doing the same things and you kind of start to notice like, ‘Wait a minute, why do I do that?’”

To help with her mental health, Sparks partnered with Genomind’s Mental Health Map.

“It’s amazing because it basically gives you a peak under the hood at what makes you tick,” she said. “It’s been really cool because you learn through these seven core genetic capabilities, which are stress, memory, focus, eating behaviors, substance abuse, sleep patterns, all these different things.”

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