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Cody Rhodes Is a Monster in the Ring — Just Don’t Ask Him to Make a Toast at Your Party

Cody Rhodes Is a Monster in the Ring — Just Don-t Ask Him to Make a Toast at Your Wedding
Cody Rhodes. Alberto Rodriguez/Shutterstock

Pro wrestler Cody Rhodes may be ruthless in the ring — but he has an undeniable soft spot for his daughter.

“My favorite activity to do with my daughter, Liberty, is to sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,’” Rhodes, 38, exclusively shares in the newest issue of Us Weekly.

Cody shares Liberty, 2, with wife Brandi Rhodes. The couple tied the knot in 2012 and welcomed their daughter nine years later. Since becoming a husband and parent, Cody has done his best to support both his baby girl and his wife, 40, through all their highs and lows.

“I want to know what [Brandi] is going through. I want to be there for it,” Cody exclusively told Us in September 2021 about being by his partner’s side when she experienced postpartum depression. “‘Cause I don’t want to look back at this … and see that she did it all herself. … No matter how busy I get, I want to be there for all those things.”

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Calling her his “ride or die,” Cody added: “We will ride together [and] succeed together. Or if we fall off, we will fall off together. … I think we’ve been good with each other when it comes to that.”

While the six-time tag team champion is clearly a doting father and husband,  there are still things that test his patience including “bad salesmen,” having to give toasts at dinners — he’s “terrible,” he claims — and dealing with rude people on public transportation.

“I cannot stand when people curse loudly on the plane,” Cody tells Us.

Keep reading to learn more facts that even die-hard fans don’t already know about Cody:

1. I’ve never had a burger with both ketchup and mustard on it.

2. I love ‘90s country [music].

3. I’m a fan of the Defunctland and Yesterworld YouTube channels.

4. I have a deep appreciation and love for cigars. My family loves a Fuente 8-5-8.

5. My first truck was a Z71 [Chevrolet] Silverado.

6. I’m way taller in person.

7. The first nice watch I ever owned was an Omega Seamaster.

8. I think Val Kilmer should have got an Oscar for his role in Tombstone.

9. I own a wrestling school and 24/7 gym in McDonough, Georgia, named The Nightmare Factory.

10. My mom is Cuban but has a Southern accent.

11. When I’m at a bar, I’ll order an old-fashioned 99 percent of the time.

12. My favorite dog breed is a Husky.

13. I cannot stand when people curse loudly on the plane.

14. The rule at work is I can’t be filmed unless I’m in a suit and tie or in my wrestling gear.

15. My dad [pro wrestler Dusty Rhodes] named me after American showman William “Buffalo Bill” Cody.

16. My favorite activity to do with my [2-year-old] daughter, Liberty, is to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”

17. My favorite Star Trek captain is Sisto from Deep Space Nine.

18. My wife [Brandi] was a competitive figure skater and is now a master yogi.

19. I can’t stand bad salesmen.

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20. When I do interviews in the ring, I use terms that fans may have to google. I never want people to underestimate the intelligence of both the wrestler and the wrestling fan.

21. My dream truck as a kid was a King Ranch F-150 and I proudly have one now.

22. My favorite city to wrestle in is Philadelphia.

23. I got my first payday at 15 years old as a referee.

24. My favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back.

25. I give terrible toasts at dinners.

American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes is now streaming on Peacock.