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Dustin Lynch Is ‘Ready’ to Find a Partner Despite Being ‘Scared’ to Date in Nashville

Dustin Lynch Is 'Ready' to Find a Partner Despite Being ‘Scared to Date in Nashville'
Dustin LynchScott Legato/Getty Images

Dustin Lynch is on the lookout for his next partner — and his DMs are wide open.

“I’ve learned about myself [that] I’m not a great multitasker, so I’ve been uber-focused on music and career and making sure I don’t screw that up and then been uber-focused on building my home life, personally,” Lynch, 38, said during the Thursday, September 21, episode of the “Viall Files” podcast. “I’ve neglected finding that person to do it with.”

The country singer further told host Nick Viall that he’s ready to figure out if “life’s better with a plus-one” instead of on his own.

“I do miss … [taking] a trip with a plus-one [for an] extended amount of time,” Lynch confessed, noting that his most recent relationship ended in March 2021. “I haven’t done that with somebody this year and I kind of miss it.”

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He continued: “I think I’m ready, yeah. And honestly, like, the creative process of an album takes a toll on me. I love to be alone and just think and work through what I want to say … and how grown-up I want to be. I know at some point I need to grow up a little bit.”

Lynch theorized that he was “looking super inward” because most of his friends started getting married and having babies. “And here I am, not getting invited to trick-or-treat nights and, like, the wives are steering that ship, right?” he quipped. “I feel like this loner out here that doesn’t get to go to the cool stuff with my buds, so yeah, there’s some pressure coming.”

Dustin Lynch Is 'Ready' to Find a Partner Despite Being ‘Scared to Date in Nashville'
Dustin Lynch Sarah Morris/FilmMagic

However, Lynch — who noted that country music fans are avidly “invested” in their favorite singers’ personal lives — is not interested in dating someone else in the industry.

“I purposefully have never dated anybody in Nashville ‘cause I just don’t want the circles talkin’ and so I try to stay out of that world,” he said. “So, long distance is kind of what I’ve found some comfort in, [with taking] two weeks off and then you see someone for three or four days of just awesomeness and then you go miss them again.”


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Lynch further explained that he frequently gets in his head with dating, which has contributed to him being “scared” to date in Nashville.

The “Stars Like Confetti” singer does enjoy the “excitement” of getting to know a potential partner, which is why he is ready to dive back into the dating scene after his split from Kelli Seymour.

“I think social media is very helpful, but I’ve learned early on it is easy to create this character in your head about someone just based on watching them online or meeting them at a party, then following them and watching their life online and then you actually hang out with them and you’re like, ‘Oh,’” Lynch said of wading through his “open” social media DMs. “I think you still have to get in there and get in the trenches and get real.”

As for his type of partner, Lynch has it all “figured out” and told Viall, 42, that he’s “in love with great, big personalities” and ambition.