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Dean Unglert and Jared Haibon Suggest Dale Moss Was More ‘Invested in’ Business Than Clare Crawley Relationship

Dean Unglert and Jared Haibon Believe Dale Moss Got Back Together for Clare Crawley as PR Move
Dean Unglert, Jared Haibon, Dale Moss, and Clare Crawley Shutterstock (3); ABC

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss have called it quits again, but was their second attempt at love even for the right reasons? Dean Unglert and Jared Haibon aren’t so sure.

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While discussing the Bachelorette season 16 couple’s split — Crawley, 40, and Moss, 32, called it quits for the second time this year in September — the “Help! I Suck at Dating” podcast hosts suggested the former football player only got back together with the hairstylist in February to repair his damaged image from their initial split.

“I’m gonna speak very matter of factly because that’s just how confident I am in this assessment that I’m about to make. So they — Dale and Clare — got engaged after that, like, incredibly abbreviated amount of time on the show, right?” Unglert began on the Monday, October 4, episode. “That’s crazy in and of itself, but Dale I feel like was never fully invested in the relationship — that’s why they broke up. Once they broke up, Dale started to see the backlash that he was receiving — and Dale, he’s not an idiot — you know he [got] very bad press, like, very bad PR. I think he wants to get into hosting and all this kind of stuff and it’s like with that kind of negative press around you, you’re not going to get any of those jobs.”

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After they called it quits in January, Moss was accused of cheating, which he denied. Crawley also alleged that he posted a statement about their split before they privately agreed to share the news.

He starts to see all this backlash he’s receiving and so what’s his response? He wants to then get back together with Clare because he knows that with Clare, he can achieve his professional goals a lot easier,” Unglert alleged. “So he gets back together with Clare, the script starts to turn around back and people start to like Dale a little bit more, he starts to see more brand opportunities come through. … And then, you know, they start getting together again and Dale starts to remember why they broke up the first time and how incompatible they are and he’s already kind of saved face in the eyes of everyone else out there and so he’s like, ‘OK, cool, like, you know, now we can break up and there’s gonna be no bad blood because it’s, like, we got back together, we tried and we were together for a little bit longer.’ 100 percent, it was a PR move from Dale to be able to find a career [in] hosting or whatever it is, that’s my assessment.”

Haibon, for his part, believes that Moss went on the ABC series to “possibly find love,” but “for a business opportunity as well,” explaining, “I think Dale met Clare, liked Clare, and I think Clare fell head over heels for Dale and was all in from day one and didn’t want anybody else and Dale was like, ‘OK, I like you, let’s take it slow,’ and Clare did not want to take it slow.”

The Bachelor Winter Games alum then suggested that Moss and Crawley might not have ended up engaged at all if the roles were reversed and the model was handing out the roses instead of the California native.

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“I would bet a million dollars — that I don’t have — that if Dale was the Bachelor and Clare was on his season, she would never have made it to his final one,” Unglert said. “If Dale was the Bachelor and Clare was a contestant on his season, he would not have chosen her at the end. It would have been some other girl.”

Haibon agreed. “I also will go one step further,” the Bachelorette season 11 alum said. “I bet that if Clare had an entire season, Dale might have removed himself because he wasn’t as invested in the relationship with Clare as Clare was with him.”

Moss and Crawley, for their part, have yet to react to Unglert and Haibon’s podcast episode.

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