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Heidi Klum: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me (‘My Favorite Exercise Is Jumping on the Trampoline’)

Heidi Klum 25 Things You Dont Know About Me
Heidi Klum. Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

Thanks to her lengthy and thriving multi-hyphenate career, many people feel like they’ve known Heidi Klum forever.

The Germany’s Next Top Model host first hit it big in the modeling world when she graced the cover of the 1998 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. On top of becoming the first Germany-born Victoria’s Secret Angel, she’s also helped others get their start in the fashion industry by hosting Project Runway and Making the Cut.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot that even the model’s biggest fans don’t know about her.

From her favorite allium to her morning routine and the song she can’t get out of her head, the America’s Got Talent judge sat down with Us Weekly to share a multitude of fun facts about herself.

Want to find out more about the supermodel? Read on to learn 25 things about Heidi Klum:

1. I love painting as well as arts and crafts, and I always do both with my family.

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2. I am a big fan of garlic. I usually eat a whole clove once a week.

3. I always play my music loudly. My kids usually ask me to lower the volume before I drop them off at school.

4. I wake up at 7 a.m. every morning — even on the weekends.

5. I take dance classes whenever I have free time.

6. “White Lies” by Tokio Hotel is the song I currently have on repeat.

7. My favorite exercise is jumping on the trampoline.

8. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Unicef are two organizations that I support as much as I can.

9. Anton, my Irish wolfhound, is only 2 years old but he’s already taller and heavier than me.

10. I just love sunshine [because] people are usually happy when it is sunny out.

11. I love to buy knickknacks from small artisan stores. I don’t know how to only buy one thing.

12. Chicken soup is one of my favorite foods, and I make it at home at least once a week.

13. I own a piece of the Berlin Wall and keep it in my yard.

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14. I have two dogs and a cat.

15. I am a homebody and will always pick a game night at home over going out.

16. Traveling is a passion of mine, but also a great way to educate my kids about different cultures.

17. I don’t usually eat fast food, but if I do, it better be served with French fries.

18. I did the first cover for Glamour Germany, and my [17-year-old] daughter, Leni, just did one 20 years later.

19. I don’t mind fart jokes. I actually love them.

20. My favorite America’s Got Talent act ever is The Regurgitator.

21. I prefer to drive over flying.

22. My longest marriage is to Tim Gunn, my TV husband and cohost of Making the Cut on Amazon Prime Video.

23. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

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24. I have a huge blue snail in my backyard.

25. I love to watch Disney movies, but my favorite characters are usually the villains.

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