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Are Carrie and Aidan Endgame? ‘And Just Like That’ Creator Says He ‘Didn’t Bring Aidan Back to Fail’

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Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Can Aidan Shaw and Carrie Bradshaw finally make it work? And Just Like That creator Michael Patrick King dropped a big hint about their future.

The Max series, which serves as a follow-up to Sex and the City, will show John Corbett returning as Carrie’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) ex-fiancé in season 2. “I didn’t bring Aidan back to fail,” King teased in an interview with The New York Times on Tuesday, June 20.

John Corbett and Sarah Jessica Parker And Just Like That Carrie and Aidan Timeline

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Aidan was first introduced in Sex and the City season 3 and was engaged to Carrie during season 4 until they split. Carrie couldn’t commit (or even bring herself to wear her engagement ring on her hand) while Aidan became judgmental and vindictive.

The two crossed paths a couple times after ending their romance. First, Aidan made a cameo in season 6 with a baby boy, Tate, in his arms. He revealed that he settled down with a furniture designer named Kathy. Then, he appeared in 2010 movie Sex and the City 2, revealing he welcomed two more sons before sharing a brief kiss with Carrie — despite her marriage to Big (Chris Noth).

The first season of And Just Like That debuted in December 2021 and covered Carrie’s grieving process after Big’s death. The second installment, which premieres Thursday, June 22, will show her moving on.

Renewed for Season 2

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“It’s a rich relationship,” Parker, 58, said of Carrie and Aidan’s connection while speaking with Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday. “It’s undeniably exciting as an actor and certainly for writers to explore. Who are they now? Are they good for each other? Are they, you know, apologetic? Are they trying to course correct in some ways? Are they better for each other? Are they worse for one another? And it’s just a hugely joyful thing to explore with that actor, with John Corbett, because he brings so much to it.”

Are-Carrie-and-Aidan-Endgame---And-Just-Like-That--Creator--Didn-t-Bring-Aidan-Back-to-Fail- -602
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

That levity is needed after the columnist-turned-podcaster spent so much of last season coping with loss.


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“There is excitement and curiosity and fear,” the Hocus Pocus star explained of Carrie’s love life. “I think the way she’s pursuing it is still with the hope and the optimism and the real interest in it. But she’s a grown up and she’s an independent person who isn’t needing to be reliant upon someone. But she is someone that is, you know, deeply romantic and excited about the flirt, and the chase, but more so perhaps on her terms than she would have been able to create in her younger past.”

And Just Like That season 2 premieres Thursday on Max with new episodes dropping weekly.

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