‘Bachelor’ Sneak Peek: Kelsey Tells Hannah Ann She ‘Will Not Tolerate’ Being Called a ‘Bully’ After ChampagneGate

ChampagneGate has not bubbled over. The morning after the fiasco — Hannah Ann Sluss opened Kelsey Weier’s bottle of champagne that she brought from home — the ladies were both still very upset.

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In a sneak peek of the Monday, January 20, episode of The Bachelor, Hannah Ann, 23, was crying about the situation when Kelsey, 28, approached her to try and clear the air.

Kesley on The Bachelor ABC

“You have to understand. The word ‘bully,’ that’s a very serious accusation to make and I will not tolerate it,” Kelsey tells Hannah Ann, who, in turn, calls out Kelsey for calling her a bitch and “fake.” However, they clearly differ over what bullying is.

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“Using unkind words to you, I apologize for that, but that is not bullying,” the former Miss Iowa says. Hannah Ann decides they can “agree to disagree” about that … and then begins crying again.

“I would never steal someone’s champagne. I promise you on everything, I would not steal your champagne,” the model says, but Kelsey appears to have had enough, rolling her eyes and explaining that it’s not about the bottle.

Hannah Ann on The Bachelor ABC

“I don’t even really like champagne,” she tells Hannah Ann, who may admit it’s not about the champagne. She replies, “You don’t know me so why call me fake? Why call me the B-word? … You told me to stay the F away from you.”

Following the Monday, January 13, episode, Peter Weber opened up exclusively to Us Weekly about what had happened during the dramatic night, explaining that it had been blown out of proportion.

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“It was just a misunderstanding. I know Hannah Ann, and she’s not malicious in any way,” the pilot, 28, told Us on Thursday, January 16. “Kelsey’s emotional, but I love that about her. I’m very emotional as well. She obviously reacted in an emotional way, but it meant a lot to her, that bottle. It was just unfortunate, but, I guess, it is what it is.”

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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