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‘The Bachelor’: Hannah Brown and Peter Weber Pump the Brakes After Emotional Reunion

Hannah Brown The Bachelor recap
Hannah Brown on The BachelorABC/Eric McCandless

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber dealt with the fallout from their breakup during the Monday, January 13, episode of The Bachelor.

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Things picked up with Hannah and Peter rehashing their split. The former Bachelorette admitted she was proud of many things from her journey but not of calling it quits with someone who didn’t hurt her. Peter wondered if Hannah was merely focusing on the “what if,” while she somewhat jokingly suggested that he leave the show with her.


Hannah Brown The Bachelor recap
Hannah Brown on The Bachelor ABC/Eric McCandless

Hannah then made her way onto Peter’s lap and kissed his forehead. Peter pumped the brakes, confessing, “I can’t do this,” and mentioning that he had to get back to the women. He admitted to the cameras that he wanted to kiss Hannah and he had not fully moved on from her yet.

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Peter — still covered in the glitter from Hannah’s dress — rejoined the ladies and told them he needed to cancel the daytime portion of their date. They reconvened later that night, where he vowed, “Hannah B. is in the past.” Many of the women were not happy with him, but he ended up giving the group date rose to Sydney.

Hannah Ann, Kelsey, Lexi, and Victoria F on The Bachelor
Hannah Ann, Kelsey, Lexi, and Victoria F on The Bachelor ABC/Eric McCandless

Tensions were high at the cocktail party, especially with Kelsey because she wanted a special moment with Peter to open a bottle of champagne she had been saving for a year. Mykenna angered Kelsey when she pulled aside Peter after already having time with him during the group date. Kelsey confronted her for disrespecting her. Hannah Ann then opened Kelsey’s champagne, which set her off. She lost her cool on Hannah Ann in front of Peter, claiming she knew what she did. Peter took Kelsey to the side to crack another bottle, which exploded in her face.

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Peter sent home Courtney, Lauren and Payton during the rose ceremony.

As the episode continued, another group date commenced, with the women walking in a fashion show. Victoria F. began freaking out immediately, but she aimed to show off her confidence by wearing lingerie and making out with Peter on the runway. She ultimately lost to Hannah Ann, which prompted more crying from Victoria as she lamented Hannah Ann was always grabbing Peter’s attention. Victoria even threatened to go home and complained to Peter about him not noticing her. He assured her he wanted her there.

During the afterparty, Hannah Ann mentioned to Peter that she felt bullied by Kelsey due to “Champagne Gate,” and he told her he would not put up with that kind of behavior. He gave a rose to Victoria F. before speaking with Kelsey privately about her comments toward Hannah Ann. Kelsey denied bullying Hannah Ann but confessed to not liking her. Kelsey stormed off in tears, alleging that Peter always sided with Hannah Ann.

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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