‘Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After’ Premiere Recap: Lauren Bushnell Tells Ben Higgins Attending JoJo’s Finale Isn’t ‘Fun’

How do Bachelor couples survive without trips around the world and private concerts and nightly fireworks? Finally, Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell’s reality show exposes what these relationships look like in the real world! The Tuesday, October 11, premiere of Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? mainly dealt with the aftermath of Ben telling his runner-up JoJo Fletcher that he was also in love with her, but there was also some lighthearted toilet-bowl shopping. Here’s what you need to know:

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Lauren “I’m Fines” Ben

After a romantic montage of scenes from Ben and Lauren’s Bachelor journey, the show jumped to a taping of The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose for JoJo’s season. Immediately, we saw Lauren’s insecurities come out about Ben professing his love to JoJo, as Ben and Lauren had one of the most typical couples fight ever.

Ben asked Lauren how she’s feeling. She responded, “I’m anxious, and I just wish I was back in Denver hanging.” Ben felt badly that they went to the After the Final Rose taping at all, to which Lauren gave him the icy, “It’s fine.”

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The former Bachelor exhibited the struggle of every man who has ever received an “it’s fine” by rebutting, “It’s obviously not fine.” Lauren made it seem like Ben was making nothing into something with another, more insistent, “It’s fine!”

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Ben started grasping for straws with a classic, “I want you to be happy!” Lauren, who has clearly done this before, responded with a quiet, calm, “Mm … this just isn’t, like, my idea of fun.”

Before Ben could get too angry (“You’re telling me this right now?!”), a producer saved him from self-destruction, telling Ben and Lauren it was time to go on stage.

Lauren easily won this round.

Never Rappers, But Forever Bachelor Stars

We flashback to one month earlier, with Ben and Lauren just trying to life their life while having to deal with meddling passersby in the grocery store.

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But they can’t escape JoJo! Ben and Lauren were enjoying a normal car ride together featuring activities like rapping (awfully) and talking about their biggest fears (clowns for Ben, which, same for anyone who has read the news recently), when they got a call from a Bachelor producer asking if they’d like to do a “favor” for JoJo by appearing on her After the Final Rose and giving her advice.

Lauren summed up her feelings as soon as they hung up the phone with a succinct, “That’s a weird request.”

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Ben and Lauren Binge-Watch The Bachelorette

The only way to sum up this scene is with a list of some of their (read: everyone’s) reactions while watching JoJo’s season.

– Lauren: “I feel like JoJo has a type because I feel like all these guys kind of look alike. They all have the same hairdo!”

– Ben: “If you look at Robby’s, like, every hair is like perfectly laid down!”

– Lauren: “It’s definitely a lot of hairspray and a blow-dryer.”

– Ben: “Oh, now his hair is out of place. That’s what happens when you try too hard on your hair. One hair goes out of place, everything looks messed up!”

– Lauren: “Oh, babe! It’s the final rose!” [Shoves pizza in Ben’s face]

– [Shocked faces as JoJo tells Jordan Rodgers, “That’s what Ben said,” when he tries to profess his devotion to her.]

The Twins Bestow Wisdom

Can we all agree that Haley and Emily Ferguson give the most level-headed advice in all of Bachelor Nation? The pair — known to fans simply as the Twins — met Lauren for lunch and advised her to go to JoJo’s After the Final Rose because “it’s gonna prove that you’ve all moved on — like, you guys can do that.”

The Twins continued to give their guidance when Lauren decided it was time for some decor upgrades in Ben’s house, starting with the toilet. The three girls lost it at the toilet store. There was a synchronized leg-crossing dance, toilet selfies, and at one point, the Twins each sat on toilets, pants down, passing each other toilet paper.

Later, Ben arrived home to Lauren, Haley and Emily attempting to install a (surprise!) brand-new toilet — a project Ben quickly took over.

Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?
‘Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?’ Freeform/Vu Ong

JoJo’s Entrance

While Ben and Lauren were on a Mexican date night with spicy salsa and a live mariachi group, JoJo called Ben. She heard that he and Lauren would be at the After the Final Rose taping and wanted to have lunch with the two of them and fiancé Jordan Rodgers while they were in town. Ben agreed to it, hung up the phone and then saw Lauren’s face.

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Lauren wasn’t happy that Ben said yes without asking her first, and we can only assume she also wasn’t happy that JoJo called him “Benjamin!” when he picked up the phone, that Ben recognized JoJo’s voice, that JoJo sounded so cool and confident — you know, we’re just speculating.

Ben reasoned that all of them getting together will help them get past the whole situation, but admitted that he should have asked Lauren before agreeing to the double date.

After the Final Rose and After After the Final Rose

At the end of the episode, we found ourselves back where we started: at JoJo’s After the Final Rose. Lauren’s feelings were, “Let’s just get this over with.”

They replayed the epic “it’s fine” argument because it was just that good, then Lauren plastered on a smile and headed into the audience with Ben. Things felt chilly between the couple after Ben gave his post-Bachelor advice to JoJo and Jordan, and Ben asked Lauren how he did. Ben said Lauren replied, “Yeah,” while Lauren maintained that she replied, “Yeah!”

The chill continued as Ben and Lauren headed to their lunch with JoJo and Jordan, which we will see play out next week on Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? on Freeform Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

Tell Us: Was Lauren right to be unhappy that JoJo is still a part of their lives? 

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