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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Think They Have Proof That Meredith and Alex Are Hooking Up: Get the Details!

Many people fantasize about skipping work and staying in bed all day. Well, when Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) got suspended from the emergency room on Grey’s Anatomy‘s Thursday, February 9, episode, she got to do just that with Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) — or at least some fans on Twitter thought so. Although nothing salacious happened on screen, a contingency of hopeful show fanatics think the pair may have secretly enjoyed some steamy alone time off camera.

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Talking Back

During this week’s episode, Eliza Minnick (Marika Dominczyk) started messing with the surgery board again, and Meredith finally couldn’t hold in her anger any longer. “Oh, I get a star? What did I do — play nicely with others?” Meredith quipped.

Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers
Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers as Meredith and Alex on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

Minnick explained that the stars on the board noted the surgeries that Meredith would be attending, leading the head of general surgery to snap back and assure the hospital newcomer that she would not be accompanying her. Miranda (Chandra Wilson) eventually suspended Mer for not respecting Minnick, although if you ask Us, it was about time someone put Webber’s replacement in her place and Meredith was the perfect person to do it!

“Winter is coming,” Edwards (Jerrika Hinton) said about the suspension, expecting Meredith to lash out. However, it didn’t seem like Meredith was too upset about it, leading some fans to tweet that perhaps she was happy about the time off because it could potentially give her time to get frisky with Alex, who himself had cause for celebration after DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) dropped the assault charges against him.

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Too Close?

The February 2 episode led some Grey’s devotees to question where things were heading for Meredith and Alex, given that he was in her bed for the final scene. And then the most recent episode showed the pair sitting in bed and eating lasagna with Maggie (Kelly McCreary) between them. They may have not been cuddled up when Pierce was in the room, but who knows what happened when she wasn’t around.

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Without question, some fans have been adamant about #Merlex becoming a reality, even though the longtime friends have never actually gotten together romantically. But others are completely grossed out about the idea and feel that the coworkers are too close to each other to suddenly start hooking up.

See what viewers said on Twitter about things heating up between Alex and Meredith.

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