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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Nine Most Shocking Moments — Meredith Gets Suspended!

Business as usual? On Thursday, February 9, the doctors of Grey’s Anatomy settled lawsuits, confronted coworkers and attempted to sort through their romantic relationships — oh, and did a few surgeries in between too. Here were the nine most shocking moments.

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1. DeLuca dropped the charges against Karev.

At the beginning of the episode, Karev (Justin Chambers) explained to Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) that he went down to the DA’s office with the intention of taking the plea deal, but DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) busted in and said he wanted to drop the charges. When Meredith asked him why DeLuca would do that, Karev responded: “No clue.”

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2. Meredith got suspended.

When Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital’s newest resident villain, Eliza Mennick (Marika Dominczyk), told Meredith that she would be teaching in her surgery, Meredith said no, as if Eliza has just asked her if she wanted a piece of gum. When the new residency director asked for an excuse, Meredith boldly replied: “There is no excuse. Just, no.”

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Bailey (Chandra Wilson) later confronted Meredith about the incident, and Meredith refused to back down. “You’re saying you wont let Mennick into your OR,” Bailey said. “You no longer have an OR. You’re suspended.” Well, that escalated quickly.

Meredith seemed much less fazed than we were by the fact that she got suspended from a hospital with her name on it (because she said “no”), and simply walked out.

Later, the doctors were gossiping about the shocking news when Webber (James Pickens Jr.) declared: “She took out our power hitter.” April (Sarah Drew) all but pointed at herself as she argued that there were other power hitters in the group. Webber retorted: “Look at the hospital sign.”

3. Maggie’s mother showed up — and got terrible news.

Maggie’s adoptive mother dropped by unannounced at the hospital to meet with Jackson (Jesse Williams) about cosmetic plastic surgery.

In her consultation, she showed him her very bruised breast. Jackson later told her that she had breast cancer — and agreed to help her tell Maggie.

After coming home to find her mother in Meredith’s house, Maggie freaked out on her mom for abruptly showing up. “You can’t just come in and rearrange things without asking me,” she screamed at her mom, who was planning on telling her the sad news at dinner. Instead, her mother chose not to reveal her diagnosis and instead asked, “When did you become so selfish?” Maggie responded, “I am not the one who destroyed our family.”

Maggie’s mom went to leave and said goodbye. “You have a great life here,” she said. “You call when you’re ready to share it with me.” With that, she walked out the door — not telling her daughter about her life-threatening illness.

4. The doctors realized DeLuca may have secret motives (because, duh).

Warren (Jason George) revealed to Bailey that he was the one who told DeLuca that Karev was going to take the plea deal. Bailey, shocked by the news that Karev wasn’t in jail after all, asked, “Why would he do that for Karev?” to which Warren replied, “It’s for Wilson.”

“Why would he do that for Wilson?” Bailey asked. Warren smirked and shot back, “Woman, are you blind?” Finally, it’s not just Us who are willing to acknowledge that Jo and DeLuca are most definitely going to have an overly complicated and probably frustrating but ultimately satisfying love-story plot line (Shonda Rhimes, we’ve got your strategy down by now).

Throughout the day, DeLuca refused to answer the question about why he dropped the charges as multiple doctors asked him — until Karev himself confronted DeLuca outside the hospital.

“If you would have just talked to me,” DeLuca angrily said, “maybe we could have avoided all of this.” Karev demanded to know why he dropped the case. After hesitating, DeLuca finally admitted, “Jo’s been through enough. She doesn’t need to live her life being scared.”

Kelly McCreary (left), Jesse Williams, Jessica Capshaw

5. Catherine fought with April.

Catherine (Debbie Allen) helped April look at scans, and April told her how glad she was to have her there. “Well, anyone could repair a ruptured bladder,” Catherine modestly responded. Considering we can’t open a jar without running it under water first, we’re going to have to object, but it was a nice mother-in-law/daughter-in-law moment, nonetheless.

However, April quickly ruined the moment by bringing up the hospital drama. “How is any of that my business?” Catherine demanded, to which April quickly replied, “Because Dr. Webber is your husband.” (Minor details, though?)

“He has his job, and I have mine,” Catherine coldly replied. “Dr. Bailey has hers, and you have yours. You should keep your mind on these scans and not on my marriage.” Isn’t family great?

6. Karev got his job back.

Bailey told Karev that she needed his paperwork in order for him to come back to the hospital — and made him promise that nothing like this would ever happen again. “I’ve got my head on straight,” he reassured her, to which she replied, “Don’t scare me like that again.”

He tried to protest Meredith’s suspension (which was, like, nice and all, but maybe not the move within minutes of being reinstated?), but Bailey kicked him out of her office.

Martin Henderson (left) and Kevin Mckidd

7. April got a controversial new gig.

Bailey called April into her office, and they began talking about how April wasn’t happy with the new order in the hospital. Finally, Bailey declared, “It is tough-decision time, Kepner,” and shut the door. In the real world, it would be safe to assume she was very, very likely getting fired in that moment, but this is Grey’s, so all that was really going on was the setup for a shocking plot twist.

Which leads Us to Alex, Maggie and Meredith, who later sat in bed eating lasagna (#friendshipgoals). Thanks to hospital gossip mixed with technology, they found out within minutes that April would be taking over Meredith’s role.

8. Eliza made a move on Arizona.

Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and Eliza were in the parking lot going back and forth with sassy banter. Finally, after Eliza seemingly had enough of the sexual tension no one really knew existed, she explained to Arizona why she needed to keep her job. “If Bailey fired me, you and I would be an option,” she said. “We could date, we could kiss, we could actually be something. So screw you.” Oh. OK. All right, then.

9. Jo and Karev finally came face-to-face.

Edwards (Jerrika Hinton) and Leah (Tessa Ferrer) showed up without notice to Jo’s apartment, as everyone seems to do on this show. Side note: Remember when Leah returning to the hospital was a huge deal? And she and Arizona were going to be a thing? And now she doesn’t speak? Are you there, Leah? It’s Us, confused viewers. Anyway, newly silent Leah and Edwards brought Jo the exceptional trifecta of pizza, beer and gossip.

They began talking about the lawsuit when Jo, clearly confused, said, “Karev’s in prison.” Really? No one could have pulled out their phone and hit Jo with a “Hey u up, and also Karev’s not going to jail because DeLuca’s secretly but-not-that-secretly in love with you” text? No one?

Jo went to see Karev, and they didn’t speak, but had a long hug to dramatic music where they both looked really pensive. So, that’s a start.

Tell Us: Which of her two guys should Jo end up with?

Grey’s Anatomy airs on ABC Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET. 

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