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Madison Beer Praises Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Vampire’ While Seemingly Shading Ex Zack Bia

Zack Bia s Ex Madison Beer Thanks Olivia Rodrigo for Uptick in Song Streams Gushes Over Vampire -189
Madison Beer, Olivia Rodrigo. Shutterstock (2)

Madison Beer credited Olivia Rodrigo for an uptick in song streams after the two women allegedly wrote breakup tracks about mutual ex Zack Bia

“Thank [you] miss olivia <3,” Beer, 24, commented in a since-deleted tweet on Tuesday, July 4, in response to Pop Crave’s stats that revealed her 2021 track “Selfish” had seen an increase in downloads since Rodrigo, 20, released her new single “Vampire” last week. 

Beer also praised Rodrigo’s artistry on the track, which serves at the debut single off of Rodrigo’s upcoming sophomore album, Guts. When asked her “opinions” on the song, Beer tweeted: “F—king beautiful. Truly think it’s so special and showcases her growth so amazingly. Really Really impressive.” 

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When Rodrigo released “Vampire” on June 30, fans immediately began to speculate that the track was about Bia, 27. The “Driver’s License” singer and the DJ were first spotted together in April 2022 before Us Weekly confirmed six months later that they had called it quits. 

Prior to his romance with Rodrigo, Bia famously dated Beer on and off for two years until their 2019 split. While Beer never shared the reason for the pair’s breakup, she posted a cryptic message via social media at the time, writing via Twitter, “Before you diagnose yourself with depression and anxiety make sure you’re not just surrounded by a—holes and people who don’t care about you.” 

Beer later released “Selfish,” on which she sings about dating a person who won’t be honest with her. 

Zack Bia s Ex Madison Beer Thanks Olivia Rodrigo for Uptick in Song Streams Gushes Over Vampire -190
Olivia Rodrigo. David Fisher/Shutterstock

“I bet you thought you gave me real love / But we spent it all in nightclubs / All you ever wanna do is lie / Why you always such a Gemini?” she sings on the track. (Bia’s birthday is June 9, which falls under the Gemini astrological sign.) The song also touches on trying to help someone who refuses to accept help. “I don’t wanna break your thread and needle / Tryna stitch you, but I can’t, I refuse / Shouldn’t love you, but I couldn’t help it / Had a feeling that you never felt it / I always knew that you were too damn selfish.” 

Rodrigo’s “Vampire,” meanwhile, deals with similar themes.

“I should’ve known it was strange / You only come out at night / I used to think I was smart / But you made me look so naive,” she croons on the chorus. “The way you sold me for parts / As you sunk your teeth into me, oh / Bloodsucker, famef—ker / Bleeding me dry like a goddamn vampire.

Zack Bia s Ex Madison Beer Thanks Olivia Rodrigo for Uptick in Song Streams Gushes Over Vampire -187
Madison Beer, Zack Bia. Sansho Scott/BFA/Shutterstock

Both songs also hint at infidelity, with Beer singing, “Don’t know why I looked the other way,” while Rodrigo declares: “I see the parties and the diamonds sometimes when I close my eyes / Six months of torture you sold as some forbidden paradise.” 

Rodrigo, for her part, calls out an alleged age gap in her relationship. (She and Bia are six years apart.)

“You went for me and not her / Because girls your age know better,” she sings. 

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While neither Rodrigo nor Beer have publicly addressed who their respective songs are about, Rodrigo gave a glimpse at her motive behind “Vampire” after it premiered earlier this month. 

“Writing this song helped me sort through lots of feelings of regret, anger, and heartache. it’s one of my favorite songs on the album and it felt very cathartic to finish,” she wrote via Instagram at the time. “I’m so happy it’s in your hands now and I hope it helps u deal with any bloodsuckers in your life. all my thanks 4ever ❤️.” 


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