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Olivia Rodrigo Clarifies ‘Bad Idea Right?’ Lyric as Producer Dan Nigro Admits He Hears It Differently

Olivia Rodrigo Clarifies Sheets Lyric Music Producer Sides With Fans
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This is a case for the Starbucks lovers. Olivia Rodrigo is setting the record straight as fans continue to debate a line in her new hit, “Bad Idea Right?”

After the 20-year-old released the song on Friday, August 11, listeners quickly began memorizing the lyrics to make videos for TikTok. Fans on the app were subsequently fixated on the line about Rodrigo lying to her friends about hooking up with an ex.

“Now I’m gettin’ in the car, wreckin’ all my plans / I know I should stop, but I can’t,” she sings. “And I told my friends I was asleep / But I never said where or in whose sheets.”

While some fans are convinced she sings, “But I never said where or in his sheets,” Rodrigo responded to a social media user’s plea for clarification.

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“OLIVIA PLEASE you have to tell us if it’s supposed to be ’in his sheets’ or ‘in whose sheets,’” the fan wrote to which she replied: “IT’S ‘IN WHOSE SHEETS’ THANK U FOR ASKING.”

Rodrigo cowrote the track with Dan Nigro — who chimed in on the online chatter on Saturday, August 12.

“Now even I hear ‘in his sheets’ !!! 😂😂😂 #inwhosesheets,” Nigro tweeted.

While Rodrigo hasn’t dished on who “Bad Idea Right?” is about — she’s been linked to Joshua Bassett, Zack Bia and Adam Faze over the years — she spoke about the inspiration behind the song in a statement to Rolling Stone.


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“‘Bad Idea Right?’ started with us making a joke song about me hooking up with an ex-boyfriend, but then we realized we were actually onto something,” Rodrigo explained on Friday. “We were throwing the weirdest things at the wall — in one of choruses there’s a part that sounds like an instrument in the background, but it’s me gradually screaming louder and louder.”

“Bad Idea Right?” is the second song off of Rodrigo’s sophomore album, Guts, which is set to be released on Friday, September 8.

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“I made the bulk of this album during my 19th year on this earth. A year that, for me, was filled with lots of confusion, mistakes, awkwardness & good old fashioned teen angst. I made it with my friend Dan in between New York and L.A. and I’m so very proud of it,” she penned via Instagram earlier this summer. “I cannot express how excited I am to embark on this new chapter of my life with you guys. See you on September 8th!!!!”

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