Pet Pig Named Dumplin Scares Away Burglars Breaking Into His Home

A pig rests on a rug in his home. Raeleen Whip / EyeEm / Getty Images

Three cheers for Dumplin! A pet pig in Indianapolis, Indiana, might have scared off burglars attempting to rob his family’s home.

Police believe that the thieves gave up on the heist when they came upon Dumplin in the house after breaking in through the back door. “They completely damaged my door. The entire door is ruined,” the anonymous homeowner told Fox 59 on Wednesday, August 1. The burglars had kicked their way inside, shattering glass in the process. Although the door is now boarded up, nothing was stolen from the home.

The homeowner pointed to Dumplin’s heroic efforts when, in all likelihood, all he did to save the day was be. “The officers were guessing when the person broke in they were probably surprised I had a pig and were like, ‘We don’t want to deal with this,’” she explained. “The cop was like, ‘We definitely think they got in and made it to where Dumplin was and thought, Nope. We don’t want no part of this.’”

Dumplin is a full-grown pig whom the family adopted from a rescue shelter earlier this year. “The moment I saw him I knew he loved me instantly,” the homeowner said. “He’s the perfect animal.” The pet was not hurt in the incident.

The single mom of four children — the family was not home during the break-in — encourages others to adopt a pet pig like Dumplin, and not just because he saved the day: “There are tons of miniature pigs that are in shelters and rescues that don’t have homes, and they’re great animals.”

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