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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Kenya Moore Has a Surprise Wedding Celebration — With a Fake Groom

Real Housewives of Atlanta
‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ stars Porsha Williams, Sheree Whitfield, NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore Alex Martinez/Bravo

Peace can be hard to come by, especially if you’re with the Real Housewives of Atlanta. On the Sunday, December 10, episode, NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams were in the middle of their dinnertime shouting match. “You couldn’t even be here if it weren’t for a bitch like me!” NeNe shouted at Porsha.

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“You f—ed Kandi over. She had your back, bitch!” NeNe continued. “You sit on your show and you lie every day, but we good. The door is closed! The door is closed!” Nene stormed out, and everyone except for Sheree Whitfield went with her.

Sheree said if she had any idea that was going to happen, she wouldn’t have suggested Porsha and NeNe try to talk it out. “Who the f–k is perfect at this table?” Porsha cried to Sheree (since she was the only one left).

Back in the room, NeNe insisted she hadn’t done anything wrong when she told Andy Cohen she would fire Porsha. In NeNe’s mind, she had merely answered a question she was asked. All of the women seemed to be in agreement that Porsha needed to grow up. Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss both added that they felt Porsha never admitted when she did anything wrong. Kandi said nothing would ever make her like Porsha again. NeNe said she was fine with being around Porsha but she wasn’t going to let her play the victim.

The Morning After
The next day, Porsha was determined to move forward with the rest of the trip. After a quick chat with her mom, she met up with everyone to head out. Sheree was nervous about NeNe and Porsha hanging out together, but plans had been made and they were going to be kept. They kicked off the day with a private trolley ride. Kenya broke down in tears talking about how she had to leave early to go bury “the only mother” she’d ever known. Hearing that hit home with Porsha because she too had recently lost a family member.

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Porsha went off to her own end of the car and broke down in tears. Cynthia Bailey followed her to offer some comfort. Cynthia advised Porsha to tell NeNe that she knew she’d had her back, but then clearly explain what NeNe had done that had hurt her. Porsha agreed that was a good plan though she said she was going to wait a bit before approaching NeNe (which was probably a wise decision).

A Surprise Wedding
Marlo Hampton, Sheree and Porsha got the brilliant idea to help cheer up Kenya by throwing her a surprise wedding celebration, since they hadn’t been invited to her real wedding. NeNe arrived and asked where the husband was. “He’s coming in a few,” Marlo said. The other girls seemed surprised by that, considering Mark was so private, but then he showed up – in the form of a cardboard cutout. NeNe was set to officiate and they all agreed to keep Cynthia in the dark so she didn’t spoil the surprise.

Kenya arrived and took the joke well. She laughed her way through the wedding and even kissed the cardboard man. After the “ceremony” Porsha tried her best to apologize to Kandi, who wasn’t really hearing it. “I want to be able to have a good time amongst the group,” Kandi said. “I’ll give you your space and have a good night,” Porsha said.

Napa or Bust
Sheree decided to end the trip with a day trip to Napa. Porsha ended up sitting across from Kenya and Kandi. Sheree, Cynthia, NeNe and Marlo sat together on the other end. As Sheree began talking about the man she liked (who, ICYMI, is incarcerated), NeNe called her out on dating a criminal. Sheree argued that he only went in for securities fraud but NeNe wasn’t all that impressed. “He’s in prison,” she said to the camera. Fair point.

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Meanwhile, Porsha opened up to Kenya about her issues with Kandi and NeNe. Kenya said talk was cheap and Porsha needed to change her behavior in order to move forward and rebuild her friendships.

Marlo Thinks Kenya’s Marriage Is Fake
Kenya left the trip before the final wine tasting, which gave Kandi the opportunity to say that while she was in New York to shoot the cover of Essence magazine, she and husband Todd Tucker had done a “drive-by” of Kenya’s husband’s restaurant. Kandi was quick to add that they didn’t go in because she didn’t want Kenya to kill her, but she thought it was strange that Kenya hadn’t introduced anyone in the group to Mark.

Cynthia jumped in to argue that Kenya’s relationships “get scrutinized” more than anyone else’s in the group, but none of the other ladies were having it. Marlo argued that if Cynthia and Kenya were as close as Cynthia said, Kenya would have introduced Cynthia to her better half. “Let’s play a game. How many of you believe that Kenya is really married? Raise your hand.” Cynthia got so angry that she stormed out.

NeNe went out to get Cynthia, who argued that the other women should leave Kenya alone. “I don’t want them to make fun of her in front of me,” Cynthia said. “I think they’re questioning why a friend would not introduce another friend to their husband.” Cynthia said she didn’t know why she wasn’t at Kenya’s wedding, but she was going to stand by her side. Cynthia returned to the group and admitted that it was “hurtful” that she wasn’t invited to the big event.

Tell Us: Do you think Cynthia has a right to be upset that Kenya didn’t invite her to the wedding?

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