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Sutton Stracke Is ‘Offended’ Over ‘Magic Mike Live’ Show During ‘RHOBH’ Cast Trip

Sutton Stracke Is ‘Offended’ Over ‘Magic Mike Live’ Show During ‘RHOBH’ Cast Trip
Sutton Stracke Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Sutton Stracke had some issues when she went to Las Vegas with her costars — but it wasn’t just about the pants.

The RHOBH cast took a trip to Sin City to celebrate Crystal Kung Minkoff’s 40th birthday during the Bravo show’s Wednesday, November 8 episode. Erika Jayne’s contribution to the weekend was a VIP experience at the Magic Mike Live show, which “offended” Sutton, 52.

Primarily, her issue was when Erika, 52, and Crystal were brought on stage and there were “men’s faces in their crotch.” However, Kyle Richards speculated it was about much more than that.

“If you want to get on stage, wear pants,” Erika told the ladies while they were on the plane to Las Vegas. Sutton confirmed that she had packed trousers — and plenty of dollar bills.

Sutton Stracke Is ‘Offended’ Over ‘Magic Mike Live’ Show During ‘RHOBH’ Cast Trip
Chelsea Guglielmino/Bravo

“We’re in Vegas, I want to get up on stage and dance with strippers,” Sutton said in her confessional. “I mean, come on, why not? No one will know.”

While Sutton indeed wore pants to the show, she was not chosen to participate. “I wore pants for f–king nothing,” she stated.

Instead, Garcelle Beauvais got a lap dance from one of the performers while Erika and Crystal were brought on stage for a particularly steamy part of the show. As they interacted with the dancers, cameras panned to Sutton, who looked particularly upset.

“I am on the board of the American Ballet Foundation, I don’t do that f–king s–t,” Sutton could be heard saying as she walked out of the theater in the middle of the show. Garcelle, 56, followed her into the bathroom.

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“I’m f–king pissed,” Sutton told Garcelle. “It was a fun show until I saw my two friends. They had their legs? wide open with a man’s face inside their crotch.”

Kyle, 54, was headed to the bathroom when she came face-to-face with Sutton during her meltdown.

“Sutton was clearly upset that Erika and Crystal were getting all the attention up there with those guys,” Kyle said in her confessional.

“Are you upset that they didn’t ask you to go up there when you wore pants?” Kyle asked. Sutton replied, “Are you f–king kidding me? It has nothing to do with that. This had nothing to do with the pants.”

Crystal told Us Weekly exclusively before this week’s episode aired that she thought the pants were “an element” in Sutton’s meltdown. However, Crystal explained why she understood, in part, why Sutton was upset.

“I am part of philanthropy world and I understand. I want people to view me and our family in a certain way, and then, also you do things like [Magic Mike Live],” Crystal explained. “Is it a contradictory? I guess you could say that, but we’re just whole people, but you want to be protective of that too. I don’t think she needed to go off and be upset about it, but I understand if that really was where she was at. Sutton, she just reacts.”

Kyle and Sutton continued to go back and forth — and even started calling each other “a bitch.” Garcelle then shut down their argument, and the trio waited for the rest of the cast on the sprinter van.

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“She’s sitting in there like Judge f–king Judy,” Erika said when she met up with the rest of the RHOBH stars. After hearing that Sutton was “offended,” the Pretty Mess author explained that the Magic Mike Live star was her “oldest dance partner for forever.” (Erika’s choreographer Mikey Minden’s partner is in the show.)

Sutton eventually apologized and seemed to be in better spirits when the RHOBH cast went to dinner later on in the evening — and even participated in their conversation about sex. “Oh, I have a lot [of sex toys],” she said at one point.

“OK, Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Stracke,” Dorit Kemsley said during her confessional. “You never know who you’re gonna get.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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