Royal Wedding: Play Us Weekly’s Drinking Game

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during a visit to Social Bite in Edinburgh, Scotland on February 13, 2018.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during a visit to Social Bite in Edinburgh, Scotland on February 13, 2018. INSTAR Images

Grab your fascinator, your royal-obsessed friends and a Pimm’s Cup cocktail! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are finally tying the knot on Saturday, May 19, and to join in on the celebration, Us Weekly has rounded up a fun and easy drinking game to play.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding: Everything We Know So Far

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If you’re over 21, follow the directions below during the occasion. And please, drink responsibly. (If you’re under 21, play along with the U.K.’s favorite beverage — tea!)

Royal Wedding Celebrity Guest List

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Take a sip when… 
They mention Meghan’s former USA series, Suits, or someone from the cast arrives
A person in the crowd waves a British flag
They mention Thomas Markle or his absence from the big day
They compare Harry and Meghan’s wedding to Prince William and Duchess Kate’s 2011 nuptials
Duchess Kate arrives (and you can’t tell she gave birth less than a month ago)
One of the bridesmaids or pageboys cries
Prince William whispers anything to Prince Harry
They use British cliches like “teatime,” “cheerio” or “God save the Queen”
They mention Princess Diana 
Meghan arrives at the Church
Prince Charles takes her arm to escort her down the aisle
Harry sneaks a peek as she walks towards him

Take three sips when…
Prince George looks unamused or makes one of his infamous grumpy faces
A female guest shows up without a hat on
One of Harry’s ex-girlfriends arrives
Princess Charlotte steals the attention away from Meghan
All five Spice Girls’ reunite (Or stand up and sing the chorus from “When 2 Become 1”)
Someone has a wardrobe malfunction
They bring up Samantha Markle 

Prince George's Grumpiest Faces

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Finish your drink when…
Harry and Meghan say officially say “I do!”

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