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‘Saturday Night Live’: Adam Driver Gives ‘Star Wars’ Fans What They Want With Kylo Ren Sketch

Adam Driver and Halsey Saturday Night Live
Halsey, Adam Driver and Kenan Thompson on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ YouTube

Adam Driver reprised his Star Wars role while hosting the Saturday, January 25, episode of Saturday Night Live.

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Boss Wars

Driver’s Kylo Ren went incognito on Undercover Boss to see what life was like as an intern, but he had trouble fitting in with his coworkers and his true colors eventually came out in a big way.

Slow Roll

Musical guest Halsey joined Driver for a music video dedicated to how slow he and his friends took things with their significant others. The bit featured a cameo by an adorable turtle too.

Pep in Their Step

SNL spoofed Netflix’s hit docuseries Cheer, with the squad preparing for a competition amid a bevy of injuries. However, their qualifications and functionality did not determine whether they would earn a spot “on mat.”

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With Her

Halsey performed “You Should Be Sad” and “Finally // Beautiful Stranger” during her stint as musical guest. She also made an appearance at the end of the Cheer sketch.

Best Original Song

Melissa Villaseñor recapped the Oscar nominees by singing songs about the films in a “Weekend Update” segment. The comedian found a recurring theme in most of the movies, from Joker to The Irishman to Jojo Rabbit: white male rage.

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Driver opened the show with a monologue dedicated to proving how “chill” he is, despite his reputation. “I’m a husband and a father,” he told the audience as he listed facts about himself. “It’s in that order, though. I’ve been very clear with my son about that. He’s second in everything.” The actor then joked that he hates red carpets because he’s bad at smiling and quipped that he “basically kissed” Colin Jost since he starred in Marriage Story with the comedian’s fiancée, Scarlett Johansson.

Scientific Method

Driver led this sketch as the host of a science show for children. Mikey Day and Cecily Strong backed him up as kids who could not catch onto any part of his experiment, much to his frustration.

Sleepover Secrets

A sleepover went sideways after one of the girls made a massive mess in the bathroom. Driver’s dad character tried to convince the culprit to confess, but Kate McKinnon’s character, who seemed the likely offender, played it off as if she had nothing to do with the catastrophe.

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET.

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