‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Amber Portwood Responds to Miscarriage Rumors on ‘Dr. Drew,’ Farrah Abraham Fires Employee

Clearing the air! Tired of all the rumors in the press, Amber Portwood called in a favor from everyone’s favorite onscreen doctor on the Monday, October 24, episode of Teen Mom OG. Meanwhile, Maci Bookout tried to have a nice birthday but was busy worrying about Ryan Edwards being a bad father. (What else is new?) At least one dad was being well-behaved, and most surprising of all, it was Tyler Baltierra’s father, who was celebrating a year of sobriety and freedom from prison! Read on to find out more.

Maci Grows Older; Ryan Grows Up

In honor of Maci’s birthday, her fiancé, Taylor McKinney, and son Bentley planned her a huge surprise. They even got her friend Keelie Lewis in on it! After Maci went over to her friend’s house to celebrate a little bit, Keelie produced a handwritten note from Bentley that implored his mom to come home right away.

When she got home, she found her kids with a plate of cupcakes. She was distracted from the fun by remembering that Bentley’s dad, Ryan Edwards, probably didn’t even realize that their son was starting the second grade the next day. Sadly, she accepted that Ryan probably wouldn’t show up to drop Bentley off.

Tyler and Nova MTV

She was actually excited the next morning when Ryan sent her a text saying he hoped Bentley had a good first day of school. As she and Taylor drove away from the school, he remarked, “He’s growing up.”

“Who?” Maci asked. “Ryan or Bentley?”

“Bentley!” laughed Taylor.

Maci laughed too, and said, “Both.”

Farrah Gets Fired Up; Kiana Gets Plain, Old Fired

The frozen yogurt shop Farrah Abraham opened wasn’t meeting her lofty expectations — well, one of her employees wasn’t anyway. A young woman named Kiana took the initiative to clean the machines, messed it up and infuriated the young mom and entrepreneur. Farrah said the girl had a “know-it-all attitude” and made a plan to confront her.

Catelynn, Tyler and Butch celebrate Butch’s one year of sobriety. MTV

Kiana showed up to work early the next day and called Farrah to ask if she had permission to disable the alarm and go in. We couldn’t hear her side of the phone call, but Farrah swore she asked “with an attitude.”

When Farrah got in, she took Kiana outside and told her she couldn’t have a manager who acted the way Kiana had been. Kiana replied that she wasn’t used to being mistreated by bosses. Farrah took offense, got worked up and fired her on the spot. So … that escalated quickly.

Later, Farrah told her daughter, Sophia, that she hoped if the little girl ever grew up to hire and fire people, she’d “keep calm” because people who get fired can get hostile.

Bentley, Jayde and Macy MTV

Amber Gets Her Story Out; Matt’s Son Gets on TV

Amber’s fiancé, Matt Baier, got a phone call tipping him off to the fact that a gossip magazine was running an article claiming Amber had a miscarriage due to her past issues with drugs. Matt was forced to go tell Amber the latest rumor, and she was understandably shocked. After all, this was the first she’d heard of her supposed pregnancy.

Furiously, she called up Dr. Drew Pinksy and arranged to go on his show and clear up all the rumors. As the couple got ready to head to L.A. for the taping, Matt’s son Christopher called and said he was struggling with his personal life. Matt made arrangements for him to join them in L.A., making it the first time he’d seen his son in 10 years. Since Christopher was the source behind some of the most shocking gossip pieces on Matt and Amber, what a fitting time to reunite!

Farrah MTV

Once they got to California, Chris was placed in the audience during the Dr. Drew taping and was able to apologize for being the source of a cruel gossip piece about his father. He revealed he had been struggling with his addiction when he agreed to talk to the magazine. For her part, Amber got Dr. Drew to confirm once and for all that she really was clean and sober.

Amber and Matt finally felt like they had busted every rumor and reminded the world that they’re real people too.

Amber and Matt MTV

Catelynn Has a Party; Tyler and Butch Have a Moment

Tyler’s father, Butch Baltierra, was celebrating a full year out of prison! He hadn’t had any violations of his probation and he had stayed sober, so Tyler and Catelynn Lowell got to work thinking of what they could do for him.

They ended up throwing a little surprise barbecue party for him at a local park, in spite of Tyler’s concerns that he hadn’t done enough research about whether or not addicts like to celebrate that sort of thing. (That is so Tyler, is it not?)

The entire party was very emotional, but the conversation that Tyler and his dad had by themselves that evening was the real tearjerker. Butch thanked his son for finally showing him what it means to be loved unconditionally. Pass Us the tissues, please!

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