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Temptation Island’s Morgan Lolar Ends Engagement to Evan Smith, Claims He Lied and Cheated (Exclusive)

Looking to the future. Temptation Island‘s Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith have ended their engagement, she revealed exclusively on the “Watch With Us” podcast on Thursday, April 9.

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“He didn’t work the entire time that he lived with me for almost a year and a half. I supported him financially and his excuse for abruptly leaving two days before we were supposed to move to L.A. was that he needed to go ‘work’ to be able to pay me back,” Morgan, 28, explained during the podcast, which she joined with Kaci Campbell. “He said he wanted to feel like a man, kinda blaming me for him not doing anything with his life. It didn’t make any sense to me.”

Evan, 29, came onto season 1 of Temptation Island in a 10-year-relationship with Kaci, 29. However, he decided to leave her for Morgan during the season and proposed on the finale. The then-couple last appeared on the season 2 reunion special, which filmed in November 2019.

Temptation Island's Morgan Lolar Ends Engagement With Evan Smith and Claims He Lied and Cheated
Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith on ‘Temptation Island.’ Mario Perez/USA Network

“I was super happy to be at the reunion, about to get married,” she told Us. “I was giddy and excited for our future.”

However, that all changed the following month. She woke up one morning, a few days before they were set to move to Los Angeles, and he was leaving. That’s when she reached out to Kaci.

“He started a fight and walked out. I was thinking, ‘He’s just being dramatic as usual,’ then he was actually gone. He left. It was planned and I had no earthly idea about it. It just goes to show that he’s very calculated,” Morgan explained. “I started to feel guilty for it. Then I thought back on Temptation Island and how Kaci and he ended, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, he’s saying the exact same things to me that he’s saying to her.’ It clicked to me and I’m like, ‘I have to say something to her.’ … It was New Year’s Eve, I was alone and crying.”

Temptation Island's Kaci Campbell
Kaci Campbell on ‘Temptation Island.’ John Tsiavis/USA Network

With that, she and Kaci started texting and exchanging stories. They soon became friends. However, Morgan and Evan were still talking.

“I only planned on getting engaged once in my life and I was still going to do anything I could to make it work, as long as he was willing to help himself and make changes and obviously that hasn’t happened,” Morgan claimed to Us. “After I moved to L.A. a month later, he also cheated on me. So that was the end of that relationship. We’re not friends. … I don’t know who he is. After cheating on me, he blamed me for that, for making his self-esteem low, for telling him to get a job.”

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Morgan is also extremely grateful that, after everything, Kaci welcomed her with open arms.

“This is the thing when it comes to Evan, I even said it on the show. … This girl has no idea what she’s getting herself into. I genuinely meant it,” Kaci shared. “Evan is very much a man of patterns. What he wants is a comfortable situation. He wants his bills paid, he wants food taken care of, he wants to party. He doesn’t want to work, he wants someone else to provide that for him. As soon as that new situation he has found gets a little uncomfortable and you start putting pressure on him, like, you need to get a job, get your own health insurance, he bails. Morgan was seeing the same signs that I was experiencing before Temptation Island. She started putting on pressure like any normal woman would … and he bounced.”

Kaci also added that she truly hoped Morgan and Evan’s relationship would last and that they’d get a happy ending, but “always knew” this sort of thing would happen.

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“I just knew it was a matter of time and I hoped and I prayed that it would happen before they got married and have kids,” she said. “I’m definitely not surprised.”

Although Evan has yet to share his side of the story, he tweeted on April 2, “I’m so sorry Morgan.”

Temptation Island has been renewed for a third season.

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