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Temptation Island’s Evan Smith Reveals His One Regret, Denies Reconnecting With Kaci Campbell After Show and More

Temptation Island's Evan Reveals His One Regret
Morgan Lolar, Evan Smith on Temptation Island.Mario Perez/USA Network

Warning: This story contains spoilers from the Tuesday, March 27, finale of Temptation Island.

Kaci Campbell and Evan Smith appeared to be the perfect couple when Temptation Island began. However, not everything was as it seemed, Evan now tells Us Weekly in an exclusive interview.

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He first cleared up their relationship, explaining that they hadn’t been together for 10 years like everyone assumed. “I’d only met the girl nine years before filming. Then I had relationships with other women during,” Evan, 28, explained. “In college, I had a girlfriend for two years, a girlfriend for a year, [another for] six months. Then she and I really started our relationship together, I think it was about six or eight months after my Dad went missing (in 2012). … I hate that we were painted as such like a perfect couple almost going into this. We had so many flaws.”

During the season, it didn’t take long for Evan to connect with Morgan Lolar. In fact, he knew pretty quickly that he’d be ending his relationship with Kaci for Morgan.

Temptation Island's Evan Reveals His One Regret
Evan Smith, Morgan Lolar on Temptation Island. Mario Perez/USA Network

“It made it seem like I was conflicted a little bit, but I knew right then and there when I started having these feelings for Morgan, that I could never go anywhere else,” he said. “I’ve known for a long time that Morgan is my other half and my soulmate. I wish you guys got to see the conversations and the connection that Morgan and I made.”

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Since the show wrapped, he and Morgan have “spent every single day together” and he continues to fall in love with her more and more. So much so that he popped the question on February 25 — something that, after 10 years of knowing each other, he still couldn’t do for Kaci.

“I’ve never had commitment issues. I’ve had issues with committing to Kaci. It’s a huge difference,” he shared. “All I can say is, ‘When you know, you know.’ I knew, I truly knew. I just wanted to feel comfortable in it. I wanted to feel like I wanted to do it, not to be given an ultimatum to do it by a certain time, a certain date. It takes away all the love and romanticism and the specialness of the moment when you’re just told by this certain date I need to have a ring or I’m leaving. Ultimatums, they don’t work. It’s no way to live, no way to operate, especially in a relationship or when love is what we’re talking about.”

Temptation Island's Evan Reveals His One Regret
Evan Smith, Kaci Campbell on Temptation Island. John Tsiavis/USA Network

He also responded to Kaci’s claims. During an interview on the “Watch With Us” podcast, she told Us that after returning from the show, Evan reached out and begged to see her, giving her false hope of a reconciliation. She said that he then went to see Morgan — Kaci thought he was going to end things — and texted her he was thinking of her. He then texted her a few hours later saying they were done. According to Kaci, he was essentially “dumping me again.”

Evan doesn’t regret choosing Morgan though.

“I never made a mistake. I never said I made a mistake. That would have been weird. I flew to Arlington and then had plans to come get my dog and get all my stuff in the weeks to come,” he told Us. “I wasn’t conflicted or anything. What we did discuss were some of the editing tricks that go down in reality TV and stuff of that nature. But never a mistake or me regretting it.”

Although Evan has no regrets about Morgan, he does admit there’s one thing he would have done  differently on the show.

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“I should have sent the video. That was a big mistake. That was my one and only regret on that island. I thought it would be cowardly of me to hide behind an iPad and try and tell the girl that I’ve been with for the last five years that I have explored a connection with somebody here, that I truly think that there’s a real future with her here, all in 30 seconds. I thought that would be cowardly and so I didn’t send one,” he told Us. “That is my regret, my one and only regret on that island. That was the hardest thing to play back. That’s why I’m asking myself in my room, ‘Am I a scumbag?’ It’s just because I hurt two women that day. I hurt Kaci and I hurt Morgan. It was a lot for me to take in at that moment.”

As for his future with Kaci, Evan doesn’t see any type of relationship. He’s focused on Morgan, planning a wedding for spring or summer 2020 and having kids sooner rather than later.

The couple also have discussed doing more reality TV together — “maybe along the lines of MTV’s The Challenge,” he said. Mostly, they’re just ready to be a couple in public: “She’s the light of my life. Having to keep the best thing of my life a secret is incredibly hard.”

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