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‘The Bachelor’: Peter Tells Madison He’s Falling in Love Before Hometowns and Reveals Final 4

Love ain’t easy! Peter Weber made some difficult decisions ahead of hometown dates during the Monday, February 10, episode of The Bachelor. Keep reading to find out who made it to the final four. Scroll down for our full rundown, plus for comedian Jared Freid’s take on last night’s episode, watch the video above.

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Peter — without his forehead bandage and not afraid to repeatedly bring it up — began the week by taking Madison on a one-on-one date in Peru. He wanted to make sure they were on the same page, and he seemed caught off guard when Madison mentioned that she wanted a husband who had strong religious beliefs to lead their family. Peter admitted that faith could be a bigger part of his life and told Madison he was falling in love with her. She did not say it back but accepted a rose nonetheless.

Natasha received the second one-on-one date. She was optimistic about their connection, but Peter saw her as more of a friend. He didn’t think their relationship could catch up to the others, so he sent her home ahead of the rose ceremony.

Madison Bachelor 24x07 Recap
Madison during an episode of ‘The Bachelor.’ ABC/Francisco Roman

The final one-on-one date went to Kelsey. She and Peter discussed their potential future and traded their often-emotional moments for a fun, carefree day. Kelsey later informed Peter that she had been talking to her estranged dad to try to build a relationship with him but her mother did not know. Peter appreciated his mature and unique romance with Kelsey and gave her a rose.

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Kelley, Hannah Ann and Victoria F. ended up on the group date, with only two roses up for grabs. Kelley was confident that she would get a hometown date because, as she reiterated time and again, she was older and more prepared for marriage than the other women.

Peter and Victoria Bachelor 24x07 Recap
Peter and Victoria Bachelor during an episode of ‘The Bachelor.’ ABC/Francisco Roman

Hannah Ann wooed Peter with a list of things she loved about him. Kelley, for her part, pointed out how fun her relationship with Peter was, as he expressed that he wanted it to be more than that.

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Victoria, meanwhile, started psyching herself out before even speaking to Peter. He tried to address their issues from their previous date, but she accused him of being in a “mood” and not wanting to move past their problems. Peter called her out for attacking him for asking important questions, while Victoria admitted that she always opted to push him away before he could do the same to her. He promised to never lead her on.

Peter eventually gave Victoria and Hannah Ann — who broke down in tears from relief — roses, eliminating Kelley. He explained that he felt a friendship vibe from his relationship with her. Peter also believed the next few weeks would allow him and Victoria to develop a stronger connection.

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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