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‘The Bachelor’: Peter Sends Home 6 Women After Fight Erupts Over Alcoholism and Drug Allegations

Peter Weber was faced with endless drama during the Monday, February 3, three-hour episode of The Bachelor.

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Ahead of the rose ceremony, Peter and Alayah agreed that her drama with the other women was too much for them to form a connection. He reassured her that she was a good person before sending her home. Peter then apologized to the remaining contestants for inviting Alayah back in the first place. He eliminated Deandra, Savannah and Kiarra during the rose ceremony.

The group then headed to Costa Rica, where Peter suffered an injury during a day off from filming. He made light of the cut on his forehead, joking that he fought a puma while hiking up a volcano. Security camera footage showed his actual accident: He bumped his head into a golf cart and slammed a glass into his forehead. He received 22 stitches and a bandage.

Peter Weber Accident The Bachelor

Later, Peter and Sydney bonded on their one-on-one date. He admitted that she was the best kisser in the house and bragged about their physical chemistry. Sydney later opened up about dealing with racism and her lack of relationship with her father. Peter gave her a rose, and the twosome made out in a pool.

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Meanwhile, Kelsey grew emotional as she watched Peter develop connections with other women. Her jealousy worsened while seeing Peter and Victoria F. kiss for a Cosmopolitan cover shoot on the group date. Tammy told Peter at the afterparty that Kelsey — who said she was falling in love with him — had a “mental breakdown” and was crying and “drinking excessively” after finding out about Sydney’s date.

Tammy The Bachelor
Tammy on The Bachelor. Giphy

Kelsey denied that she was unstable and instead declared that she was the only one being vulnerable. She also told Peter she would inform him if the situation became too much for her to handle. In turn, he ended up giving the group date rose to Hannah Ann.

Kelsey wept again while confronting Tammy about her remarks, as Tammy warned her about using alcohol as a coping mechanism. Kelsey went to Peter’s house to squash Tammy’s allegations that she had a drinking problem or took pills. He appreciated the gesture so much that he gave Kelsey a rose before the ceremony.

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Earlier in the episode, Peter and Kelley hit a roadblock on their one-on-one date. He doubted that they were on the same page, but she argued she could see them “like, engaged” at the end. She promised to not be so repressed with her feelings, so Peter gave her a rose.

Peter Kelsey The Bachelor
Peter and Kelsey on The Bachelor. Giphy

When Peter canceled the cocktail party, things went off the rails, with some blaming Kelsey. Tammy claimed that Victoria P. started the pill rumor, which Victoria P. denied. Tammy then lost her cool on Sydney for urging her to not talk about the other women to Peter.

Tammy interrupted the rose ceremony to defend herself. Mykenna then also pulled Peter aside to state her case for staying. Shiann and Lexi were then sent home during the rose ceremony.

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET. Another new episode will air Wednesday, February 5, at 8 p.m. ET.

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