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‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Michelle Young Confronts Jamie After Revealing He Told Her About Joe Rumors

Bachelorette 18x03 Recap
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Defending herself. Michelle Young dealt with the fallout from Jamie’s allegations about her love life before The Bachelorette during the Tuesday, November 2, episode.

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Michelle was still hurt after Jamie told her his fellow contestants called her character into question because of rumors about her pre-show relationships with Joe and a mystery man. However, her suitors were still in the dark about who brought up the topic to her.

The Bachelorette tried to move forward, going on a Top Gun-themed group date. Will impressed her after powering through the tough circumstances, so he won a bomber jacket and one-on-one time with Michelle. Peter was jealous because he thought Will stole his move of speaking to Michelle in another language, so after arguing with him at the afterparty, Peter stole his jacket and threw it in the pool. Will cried but decided not to tell Michelle because he didn’t want to ruin her night. Martin ultimately got the group date rose after pulling aside Michelle to check on her after the previous week’s drama.

Bachelorette 18x03 Recap
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Michelle then went on a one-on-one date with Rodney. She wanted to see if they could escape the friend zone, so they played truth or dare and had an honest discussion about race during dinner. She noted that in her last relationship, she didn’t like having to explain why being called the N-word upset her, and Rodney could relate. Michelle gave Rodney a rose because she felt like she could trust him and she appreciated his vulnerability.

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During her second group date, Michelle asked the guys to write a poem from personal experience, and she also shared her own piece about what it was like to be the “token Black girl” growing up. Jamie was overconfident about his connection with Michelle, but after Brandon — who told the cameras he was falling in love with Michelle — received the rose, Jamie spoke privately with a producer about having to compete with men who were not on his level. He also said he wasn’t judging Michelle, but he could make fun of her for being on “spring break mode.”

At the cocktail party, Rick told Michelle that no one in the house ever questioned her character, leading her to inform him that Jamie was the one who claimed the other guys did not trust her. Nayte confronted Jamie about his discussion with Michelle, but Jamie only earned more criticism for saying he wasn’t directly involved in any of the talks about the rumors and suggesting that he was trying to protect Michelle from viewers’ speculations.

Michelle asked why the vibe was weird in the room when she returned, so Jamie explained that they were talking about the rumors. He told Michelle — in front of everyone — that he never said a specific person called her into question but the open speculation in the house could have led to people doubting her character in the future. Michelle blamed Jamie for turning the situation into a bigger deal than it was.

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Michelle saw Jamie’s behavior as a “red flag.” She took him outside to talk alone and told him that the trust between them was broken because of the drama he created. She wanted to be done with their relationship, so she sent him home on the spot. Michelle told the remaining men that she would not stand for anyone manipulating or lying to her.

She canceled the rest of the cocktail party and moved immediately into the rose ceremony, eliminating Peter, Mollique, Spencer and LT.

The Bachelorette airs on ABC Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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