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Chrissy Teigen Explains Why She Got ‘Defensive’ After People Criticized Her Recipe: ‘I Have 500 People Sh–ting on My Food’

Chrissy Teigen Defensive Chicken and Dumpling Oscar Party Georges Hobeika
Chrissy Teigen attends the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on February 9, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock

Letting it all out. Chrissy Teigen let off a bit of steam recently when several Twitter users criticized a meal she made after she shared a photo of it on the social media platform.

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It all started when the Cravings author, 34, came across a tweet from YouTube personality Kalen Allen, in which he showed off his homemade bowl of chicken and dumplings. The photo was enough to inspire Teigen to whip up her own version of the classic comfort food on Sunday, April 19.

As she does with many of her culinary creations, Teigen tweeted a picture of the finished meal along with a snapshot of her husband John Legend enjoying it. “Chicken n dumplin night at the legend household,” she wrote. “Thank u @TheKalenAllen for reminding me I wanted this.”

Within minutes, several Twitter users questioned why Teigen’s dish had a distinct brown hue. As many noted, chicken and dumplings is often made in a lighter, cream-based broth unlike the one seen in the cookware designer’s photo.

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“Will never cook shame you, but I’ve never seen a brown sauce chicken and dumplings. Is this an untapped secret?” one user asked. Several others were a bit less deft in their approach and simply wrote, “Why is it brown?”

Chrissy Teigen Twitter Chicken and Dumplin
Courtesy of Chrissy Teigen/Twitter

The Bring the Funny judge wrote back to one naysayer, replying: “Some have a cream base and some don’t. Doesn’t mean it isn’t chicken and dumplings.”

When one follower remarked that Teigen’s dish looked more like gumbo and not chicken and dumplings, she added: “Sigh. Gumbo is a completely different recipe with soup. Color is not the difference between gumbo and chicken n dumplings.”

That same follower then asked the Chrissy’s Court host why she was getting so “defensive” about the meal, to which she replied: “Because I have 500 people shitting on my food on Twitter every day. That’s why!”

The Twitter user then backed off and said she had “nothing but love” for the star. For her part, Teigen backed down a bit as well. “I know sorry I just get defensive cause I have like 500 people telling me it looks wrong and I’m a brat about food,” she wrote back. “Lol I’m sorry.”

After defending her version of chicken and dumplings in various follow-up tweets, Teigen later confessed: “I love you guys I’m sorry. I just am in a poop mood.”

This chicken and dumplings fiasco is just one of the many ways social media users have critiqued Teigen’s recipes and food choices in recent months. In March, she clapped back after a Twitter user called her tuna casserole recipe “gross” and in February, she contemplated quitting Twitter after she shared a menu book that she created for her and Legend’s children — Luna, 4, and Miles, 23 months — which included cereal topped with fresh fruit.

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As some critics argued at the time, not everyone has the resources to purchase fresh produce for their children. The backlash led the Utah native to joke that she was going to “leave the internet,” but she ultimately stuck around and gave the critics, who deemed her out of touch, a piece of her mind. “‘You are so far removed from reality it’s scary’, over f–king BERRIES, and I say I want to leave the internet,” she tweeted back. “And I am the one attacking. Amazing.”

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