Chrissy Teigen Was Almost a Food Network Star, But Is ‘Terribly Insecure’ Cooking on Camera

Chrissy Teigen Reveals She Was Almost a Food Network Star
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Chrissy Teigen has successfully managed to carve her own path in the food world, but as the Target cookware designer revealed, her eats-centric journey almost looked very different.

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In response to a recent question sent in via her Cravings website, Teigen, 33, detailed her rise within the culinary sphere. “I actually had no plans when I started this journey – I enjoyed having my small little blog, writing random things while sitting and waiting for castings,” she explained.

However, when Twitter was created in 2006, the Cravings author saw it as an opportunity to share her food passion with “a completely different audience.” Around the same time, Teigen also revealed she was approached to write a cookbook, but declined because she didn’t feel like she’d gained the “serious credibility” needed for such a big undertaking.

About a year later, the Utah native found out Food Network was looking for new talent and she was intrigued. “They set up a program for me to learn all the basics and ANYTHING else I was curious about (including how to describe food, talk through a recipe, etc) – I bought my first pair of terrible chef clogs and went to Chelsea Market every day (their test kitchens were above) and I remember feeling so lucky and also bewildered that I got to do it,” she wrote.

According to the star, two “incredible” women showed her all the ropes in the test kitchen. “I will never forget their humor and love and PATIENCE with me, some random, untrained cook,” she continued. “Every day in that kitchen was like going to Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Just so much happening, so much passion and love for food. AND SO MUCH TO EAT.”

Still, despite her obvious interest in food and cooking, Teigen didn’t feel like potentially hosting a show on the Food Network was the right fit for her. “In the end, I actually realized I did NOT have a talent for talking and cooking at the same time. And I’ve always been more of the curious type than an expert,” she explained.

“I worried that I would look silly in comparison to the greats that do it so well (Ina, Giada, etc) – and you know what? I am still terribly insecure cooking on camera or in front of people.”

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That insecurity, the Bring the Funny judge noted, is likely why she now prefers creating cookbooks and cooking by herself on Instagram, instead of appearing in front of TV cameras.

Years later, Teigen did find ways to expand her empire, and eventually she met with the person who initially offered to help her write a cookbook. “I couldn’t have made a more correct choice. He became the editor for both my Cravings books and introduced me to my right arm, Adeena Sussman,” she explained.

Teigen then assured her inquiring fan — whose partner is an aspiring chef — that “everyone has their own journey.”

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“For me, it came together based on good timing, meeting the right people, and sheer luck,” she concluded. “I think the only thing I will take credit for is knowing to take my time, and utilizing social media to interact with all the right people.”

The Lip Sync Battle cohost may have passed on becoming the Food Network’s next big thing, but she’s managed to appear cooking in front of a camera on her own terms — her newly launched Cravings website features an entire section of recipe videos, which she hosts.

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