Rashida Jones Is Shocked to Learn Former ‘Parks and Rec’ Costar Amy Poehler Owns a Wine Shop: ‘I’m Actually Upset’

Rashida Jones Cant Believe Amy Poehler Owns Wine Shop
Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones. David Fisher/Shutterstock

Rashida Jones is still learning new things about her good gal pal Amy Poehler! Need proof? During a lie detector test interview for Vanity Fair, the Angie Tribeca alum was shocked to find out that her former Parks and Recreation costar has pretty strong ties to the food world.

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More specifically, Jones, 44, who questioned 48-year-old Poehler first, was stunned to learn that the Making It star is the proud owner of a wine shop in Brooklyn called Zula Wine and Spirits. “You opened a wine shop in Park Slope?” Jones asked incredulously.

“Yes,” the Saturday Night Live alum replied. “I own a wine shop in Park Slope. You don’t know everything about me, Rashida.”

Still unsure whether or not to believe her onetime coworker, Jones turned to the woman administering the lie detector test and asked if Poehler’s claim was true. The official promptly confirmed the veracity of the statement, prompting Jones to exclaim, “What?!”

“You didn’t know that?” a surprised Poehler wondered.

“No,” Jones retorted with a laugh. “I’m actually upset right now. [That’s] so cool!”

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Armed with her newfound knowledge, the I Love You, Man star then asked Poehler if she considers herself to be a wine snob. “No, I’m not a wine snob,” the Yes Please author declared. “I think I know a little bit about wine, but I think I would be afraid to be around people who really know about wine. I know enough to not say that.”

In keeping with the wine theme, Jones was curious to know if Poehler has ever conducted a wine tasting at her New York business. When the Baby Mama star answered in the affirmative, Jones was once again surprised.

“What? I’m so confused,” she explained with a laugh. “There’s a whole part of your life that I haven’t been let into!”

Rashida Jones Cant Believe Amy Poehler Owns Wine Shop
Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones take a lie detector test. Vanity Fair

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Poehler joked in response: “I’m so sorry that I didn’t invite you, but I was afraid you were going to ruin it.” She also noted that Jones has been known to get “rowdy” while sipping wine.

Eager to put her friend’s knowledge of vino to the test, the Los Angeles native asked Poehler to improvise a wine description for a white wine.

“What I like about this is it’s very crisp. It’s very apple-forward,” Poehler quipped. “It’s aggressively summer, but there’s some vanilla notes, there’s a little bit of pineapple and there’s the smell of desperation, which is always really great when you’re drinking a white late at night. The finish is really smooth, it’s what we like to call a jazzy finish.”

Believe it or not, the Massachusetts native registered as telling the truth until Jones wanted to know if the made-up wine had legs. “All of my stuff has legs,” Poehler replied. The administrator deemed that answer “questionable.”

When Jones moved to the next topic — Parks and Rec, which ended in 2015 after seven seasons — Poehler happily declared she would absolutely do a reunion with the cast of the beloved NBC comedy. “I’ve made that very clear,” she explained. “I want it too much.”

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