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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Skips Breakfast and Lunch Everyday … and Loves It

Jack DorseyJeff Gilbert/Shutterstock

Taking intermittent fasting to the extreme. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently revealed that he eats exactly seven meals per week — no more, no less.

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In a question-and-answer video interview with Wired from earlier this month, the tech honcho, 43, fielded a query about his food and lifestyle habits from, wait for it, a Twitter user. That individual, who goes by @PeterKimFrank on the social media app, was curious to know if an article claiming that Dorsey meditates for two hours a day, spends nearly an hour per day in a sauna and ice bath and eats only five meals each week, was factual or satirical.

“Some of it’s real,” Dorsey admitted. “I try to meditate two hours every single day, I definitely do not do a sauna and ice bath every day and I eat seven meals every week.”

The Missouri native clarified his meal plan with a surprising level of nonchalance, adding that he eats once per day, as opposed to the more typical three times per day. “Just dinner,” he said.

The article cited in the question is a CNBC piece from April 2019 that detailed nearly a dozen of Dorsey’s “wellness” habits. In the story, he explained why he abides by the one meal per weekday rule, which at the time was coupled with fasts on weekends. As the CEO noted, the first two weeks of eating only one meal per day were difficult, but he soon noticed positive changes.

“During the day, I feel so much more focused,” he explained at the time. “You have this very focused point of mind in terms of this drive.” He also pointed out that cutting out breakfast and lunch allowed him to “focus more on what my day is.”

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Cutting out two daily meals, he said, also meant he was sleeping better at night. “I can go to bed and actually knock out in 10 minutes, if not sooner than that. It really changed how quickly I fell asleep and more so how deep I felt I was sleeping.”

Though Dorsey’s answer indicates he now eats on weekends (phew!), when he was fasting on Saturday and Sunday … his meal schedule was even more sparse. “I’ll go from Friday ’til Sunday. I won’t have dinner on Friday. I won’t have dinner or any meal on Saturday. And the first time I’ll eat will be Sunday evening,” he explained at the time, adding that the first time he did a weekend fast he felt like he was “hallucinating.”

When the Twitter cofounder does eat, he keeps it pretty basic and, as he told CNBC, enjoys foods such as fish, steak, Brussels sprouts, dark chocolate and the occasional glass of red wine.

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In a January 2019 interview with Rolling Stone, Dorsey revealed one of his strangest food-related experiences, which surprisingly had nothing to do with fasting. Instead, the occurrence involved a dinner at Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s house. “There was a year when he was only eating what he was killing. He made goat for me for dinner,” the entrepreneur claimed at the time. “He killed the goat.”

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