Will There Be a ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ Season 2? Damon J. Gillespie Says …

Season 1 of Tiny Pretty Things revolves around a major mystery. However, just because the whodunnit question was answered in the finale, that doesn’t mean there’s not a future for the show.

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“Our showrunners already got an outline for season 2, just in case they give us a go-ahead or whatever. There’s also a second book that they wrote,” star Damon J. Gillespsie says on the latest episode of the “Watch With Us” podcast. “There’s potential. I mean, even if we just said to hell with the books completely, there is potential for multiple seasons in this show. You can see it by episode five!”

Will There Be a Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 Damon Gillespie

The drama is based on Sona Charaipotra’s novel of the same name. Shiny Broken Pieces, a sequel, was released in 2017. The show made many changes from the book, but is still the same premise, following a group of elite ballet dancers willing to do anything — and step on anyone — to get to the top at their school. In the first episode of the series, Cassie (Anna Maiche) is pushed off the roof. The mystery of who it was that pushed her remains through all 10 episodes — and everyone on the cast had their own theories.

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“We didn’t know until we got the episode 10 [script]. Nobody knew except for who did it,” the Broadway alum, who portrays student Caleb, told Us. “We had our suspicions. We were doing our investigative work. Everyone had a hunch. We were talking about it and would be like, ‘I bet it’s this.’ ‘It could be you!’ We had no idea. And then we got episode 10 and we found out, and then everything else started to happen. There were so many different twists!”

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Tiny Pretty Things is now streaming on Netflix.

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