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The World’s Most Comfortable Sneakers Come in Slip-Ons That Don’t Require Tying


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Sneakers are life! Our day-to-day sneakers actually save our life. Whether we’re embarking on our morning commutes or checking off our “to-do” lists on the weekends, our sneakers are always putting our best foot forward. So what’s the problem? The laces.

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When we’re running short on time, the last thing we ever have time to do is waste any more of our time making bunny ears. That’s where this laceless sneaker comes in handy. It eliminates any of those wasted moments tying shoes when we’re tied up.


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Say goodbye to loop, swoop and pull forever because the Women’s Tree Loungers are just as comfortable as our trusty Allbirds sneakers, but require no laces. Gone are the days where we’re left dealing with annoying shoelaces. This slip-on sneaker removed them without sacrificing any comfort or support.

Truthfully, the sneaker is so wearable, we’d call it the poster child of “grab-and-go.” Grab this sneaker from the closets, slip them on and off we go! It’s literally the on-the-go option we’re all in need of, especially on those hot and humid days.

Sure, we love that the warmer days that are upon us, but the warm weather often brings an unpredictable forecast. One day it’s cold and raining, the next is sizzling hot outside. The weather switches on a flip. What doesn’t switch? This sneaker’s smart silhouette.

The mesh-like front of the sneaker is light and breathable. Think of it as the vent our feet are in serious need of when it’s warm outside. Our feet will feel amazing on all of those scorching hot days. They’ll be cool and breezy and anything but sweaty! The shoe was literally built to minimize all of our sweat. In the event some sweat does arrive? Handled! This sneaker is also machine washable. After just one cycle in the washer, the sneaker will be restored to all of its original glory. Fresher than ever!


See it: Grab a pair of the Women’s Tree Loungers for $95, available at Allbirds!

Speaking of fresh! This sneaker comes available in seven shades ranging from burgundy to even blue, with a handful of limited-edition options, too! The most versatile of them all? The traditional charcoal color, which is considered one of Allbirds “classic” pairs.

The biggest reason we’re loving this sneaker? It doesn’t just provide the all-day support and comfort we absolutely need. It also conforms to our feet thanks to the padded-cushion in its insole with a built-in unique S-curve tread. What on earth is that? Well, it’s simple. This feature was strategically designed to mimic the anatomical flexibility of our feet. More or less? This shoe evenly distributes our body weight when taking each and every step.

When slipping into our favorite sports bras, tanks and leggings, this sneaker is the fashion-forward way to tackle our weekly workouts.

Whether we’re struggling to finish our spin session or pushing ourselves to the limit in a HIIT class, this shoe was designed to give us the support to survive it all. The comfortable design will alleviate any of that tightness we often get when working out for long periods of time. Did we mention it will do all of this whether or not we’re wearing socks? That’s right, it’s a sockless shoe option, too!

If not already wearing this slip-on sneaker everywhere, throw in a bag to keep handy when our feet need a little comfort!

See it: Grab a pair of the Women’s Tree Loungers for $95, available at Allbirds!

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